An Arrested Development Season 4 Chronological Recut

Full cast of Arrested Development in a shipping container

Hook in a juice boxArrested Development was a cult favorite cancelled before it’s time. Luckily in this day and age, that doesn’t keep a good show down, and years after being axed by Fox a fourth season aired on Netflix. But it was a fourth season received by mixed reviews, partly because the format of the episodes was vastly different from before. Each episode followed the exploits of one member of the Bluth family at a time, so the brilliant chemistry between characters that had made the show was lacking. This also resulted in the story being revealed out of chronological order, which didn’t work for a lot of people. Now, the producers can’t undo the lack of interaction between characters (which was done due to the conflicting schedules of the actors), but they certainly can fix the other part.

A new version of Arrested Development season four will be released, recut to show the story in chronological order. There is currently no information on the when, where, or how, we just know that it’s happening. Hopefully this will fix some of the biggest problems critics had with the newest season.

But why was the show filmed in this format in the first place? Besides limited actor availability, creator Mitch Hurwitz explained his thought process to Pretentious Film Majors:

I originally thought, let me just do these nine little webisodes. I’m waiting to get this movie [the planned Arrested Development film] made, I’ll go to Netflix, I’ll say, ‘Will you do these little 15, 20-minute things about where each character is?’ And then the press came out, Arrested‘s coming back, Arrested‘s coming back!’ So I felt this pull like, ‘I don’t have the whole cast, but I’m going to have to deliver on this somehow.’

What do you think about this recut? Do you think it will help or did you like the fourth season the way it was? Let us know in the comments!