Play it Again, Dick – Episode 8

piadep8Episode 7 ended with Wallace Fennel shooting Madison Sinclair as she tried to kill Veronica Mars in the foyer of the bed and breakfast where they’re having Duncan Kane’s memorial service.  It sounds like a really complicated game of Clue.

When Madison’s motives are questioned, Dick explains that to the untrained eye, Wallace shot Madison. He pulls off her mask and it turns out that it’s actually Celeste Kane. Everyone’s over the top surprised gasp is perfect.  If you don’t know who Celeste is, don’t worry. “Logan” gives everyone a brief summary of who she is.

Dick says that he knew it wasn’t Madison because of three words: contour of vagina and that he knows Madison’s like the palm of his hand. For those who don’t know, Madison and Dick dated back in the Veronica Mars days.  He explains that all these face masks are a result from Kane’s 3D printing software.

Veronica rolls her eyes at Dick and sarcastically says that she never would have been able to come to that conclusion. (Veronica, your Kristen is showing).

Dick prompts Celeste to tell them why she killed these people and she yells that they ruined her life.  She says that Weevil sullied her daughter, Keith accused her husband of murder and Veronica spirited away Duncan. Celeste believes she would’ve gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for Wallace.

Dick says that her shooter isn’t Wallace and takes off HIS mask. Gasp! It’s…Duncan? But it’s not Teddy Dunn who played Duncan in the original series? Okay, let’s just go with it. It’s revealed that Duncan found out about his mom’s plans and came back from Australia to save Veronica.

In the BTS, Ryan Devlin explains that it’s probably weird for him to be playing Duncan from seasons 1 & 2 when he was already on Veronica Mars as Mercer, the Hearst College serial rapist in season 3.  I know, it seems like Veronica Mars had everything going for it. His excuse for taking on the role is because he got to kiss Veronica Mars. Hey, no one can fault him for that.

Back to Private Dick. Dick explains that Duncan is dressed as Wallace so that he’d have a fall guy and that at that moment, the real Wallace is being arrested. While this is all happening, Veronica and Duncan are making out and Celeste keeps pointing out that she’s still bleeding on the floor and needs some medical attention. When Dick glances at her, he realizes that she has his missing McQueen sunglasses and all is right in the world.

Then, we finally get to the moment I’ve been waiting for! THE BIG DANCE NUMBER! Dick and the back up dancers do a routine to “No Mediocre” by T.I. feat. Iggy Azalea. It’s glorious and everything I’ve ever wanted. The Private Dick pilot ends here.

The scene cuts to Dick finishing his presentation to the CW executives. They decide to pass on the show because they believe that their demographic is used to more competence in their shows.  Dick blames them for the pilot’s failure since he took their advice about not taking smart pills. He says that smart pills would have probably saved the project. The execs tell him that he’s probably right.

Ryan tells the BTS crew that it all worked out in the end because his agent shopped it around and that now it’s a Japanese dubbed series.

Ryan’s parting words are: “They say you can’t win them all. They don’t know Dick.”

After the credits, we see the whole Play it Again, Dick cast dancing around to “No Mediocre”.

I still feel that the series was a big round of what is even happening? But, in the end, it does feel like a project that stays true to what Dick Casablancas was all about. It poked fun in all the right places and had some pretty outstanding Veronica Mars call backs.  Now the real question, is this canon or not? But in all seriousness, I hope that this leads in to more Veronica Mars related projects because – regardless of the platform – Veronica Mars is forever.

You can now watch the full series here through CW Seed. Read about episode 7 here.