The Flash, S1 Ep04 – Going Rogue

Since its premiere, The Flash has been doing a tremendous job building its world and its characters. Team Flash has been fleshed out more and more with each episode, as well as the relationships between Barry and Iris, Iris and Eddie, and so on. One aspect the show has been lacking in is providing compelling villains. Other than Harrison Wells, who has only been hinted at being the show’s big bad, there haven’t been any villains that can be described as more than one-note and disposable. “Going Rogue” aims to change that as Prison Break alum Wentworth Miller enters the fold as Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold.

The Flash, S1 Ep04 - Going Rogue

Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold

Not much information is given on Snart’s back-story, but already we are given a sense of how calm and calculating he is as a leader. Wentworth Miller played the role very well and being that Leonard Snart is a huge villain from the comics, he’s really doing the character justice. He pulls off the villainous persona well enough and fortunately we’ll be seeing more of him as the episode concluded with his escape.

Unlike Multiplex and The Mist before him, Snart is just a thief with no personal vendetta against any person in particular. It isn’t until Barry foils his truck robbery in the opening scene that Snart begins to take interest in taking The Flash down. Once he gets his Cold Gun, stolen from S.T.A.R. Labs, he proves to be a very formidable opponent for Barry. The stinger scene at the end of the episode saw Snart approach an unseen criminal, who will in turn use Snart’s stolen heat gun. I wonder who that villain will be.

The origin of the Cold Gun sparked some compelling turmoil amongst Team Flash. It turns out Cisco Ramon had created the Cold Gun at S.T.A.R. Labs sometime after discovering Barry had super speed. The Cold Gun was created to take down Barry if he turned out to be a villain himself, which obviously upset Barry very much. What also upsets him is Snart was able to use Cisco’s weapon to kill an innocent bystander just to get to Barry. The issue added some much needed layers to Cisco’s character and provided some interesting scenes where Wells had to reprimand him for his actions. Wells’ emotions seemed very sincere as he was angry with Cisco and maybe even surprised. For a man who knows the future, the fact that he is surprised at the origin of Captain Cold (who Cisco named) and his Cold Gun is very interesting. Are there things about the future Wells doesn’t know?

The conclusion of the episode, which saw Cisco save Barry from Captain Cold by pretending a vacuum loaded with LEDs was a bigger Cold Gun, was a humorous note to end off on. The only reason Cisco decided to help Barry after Barry had refused his team’s help was because of this episode’s special guest star. Arrow‘s Emily Bett Rickards guest starred as Felicity Smoak, whom Barry had a little chemistry with back in Arrow‘s second season. Having gone through plenty of team related issues on Arrow, Felicity knows how to handle certain situations and is able to provide some wisdom upon Team Flash, convincing Cisco and Kaitlin to save their new friend from Captain Cold.


Felicity Smoak teams up with Team Flash

It was fun to seeing Felicity in Central City hanging out with Barry and double dating with him, Iris, and Eddie. There were also plenty of times where Felicity said something awkward as she often does on Arrow. The show addresses the idea that Felicity and Barry are both perfect for each other, which they are (sorry, Olicity shippers), but drives their story to a bittersweet conclusion. Barry will always long for Iris and Felicity will always long for Oliver Queen (The Arrow). So, even though they briefly kiss, they will probably remain nothing more than friends.

While not too much attention was focused on them, “Going Rogue” also shed some light on the situation between Detective West and Eddie Thawne. Obviously, West is upset Eddie is dating his daughter Iris, but as their story unfolds we find out its not for reasons most would think. Detective West clearly cares very much for his daughter and he’s scared to ever deal with the possibility that her daughter’s boyfriend would be killed in the line of duty. His feelings towards their relationship is motivated by the possibility of seeing Iris hurt emotionally, which makes me wonder if the show is hinting an eventual tragic fate for Eddie Thawne.

There isn’t really anything bad to say about “Going Rogue.” Captain Cold was a much better villain than who we’ve seen before, and as usual there was a lot of heart and humor contained in this episode. I was happy to see that the episode’s stinger scene wasn’t another one showing Harrison Wells doing something sinister, which I criticized in last week’s review. I’m looking forward to seeing what villain Captain Cold will team up with and I hope Felicity pops up in Central City some more. Overall, “Going Rogue” was very satisfying.

Next week The Flash will be taking a break, but tune in the week after on Tuesday, November 11 for a brand new episode. Check out the trailer for “Plastique” below and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Going Rogue” in the comments.