Play it Again, Dick – Episode 7

piadep7We left off in episode 6 with Keith Mars being killed by a poisoned room service sandwich.

Episode 7 starts with a behind the scenes video with Daran Norris, who played public defender Cliff McCormack in Veronica Mars. He explains that he already filmed all his voice over work and BTS videos. What could he possible be doing voice work for in a live action web series?

We cut to the next Private Dick scene, where Dick finds himself in a hotel room with that girl Percy left with him. (Does her character even have a name?) After an even MORE impressive drink making montage than the last episode, Beaver is seen much like before – just sitting on the bed and waiting for Dick to notice him. Once he does, he reiterates that he will find Beavers killer. Beaver thinks really hard and just lets it go. He explains he heard about Keith. They ponder if Duncan’s death is connected and wonder who would want him, Weevil and Keith all dead. Dick finally decides to call Veronica for back up.

Dick goes wandering the halls and finds a room service food tray on the floor. After tasting it, he make his way to the kitchen and sees a marked bottle of poison on the counter. Here, we see the Vietnamese food deliveryman that Ryan cast back in episode 4 as the chef. Similar to the movie Kung Pow! Enter the Fist, it is purposely badly choreographed and voice dubbed – this is where Daran’s voice work shines through.

Dick gains the upper hand and punches the chef in the face until he notices a piece of something on the chef’s face. Dick pulls on it and reveals it to be a mask and that the chef is none other than Clarence Wiedman (Christopher Duncan), who was the head of security of Kane Software in the original series. Dick asks who has been behind the whole thing and Clarence replies that “You know. You’ve always known.”

In the BTS with Christopher, it seems as though he has no clue who Ryan is and that he’s only doing it for the paycheck. When the BTS crew explain to him that no one’s getting paid, he walks out.

The next Private Dick scene shows Madison Sinclair meeting Veronica at the door of the bed and breakfast.  Madison pulls a gun on her and tries to shoot but Dick jumps in front of Veronica right when a gun goes off. Dick and Veronica check themselves over and find themselves okay. They notice that Madison has been shoot in the chest and the camera reveals that Wallace is the one who shot her.

It cuts to a BTS with Percy and the episode ends with him saying “Do you know what time it is? It’s about motherf–king time! That’s what time it is! Get your ass some Wallace!”

It’s really impressive how much story line is coming through in just this one episode – which has been the longest so far, clocking in at over eleven minutes.  But why did Madison kill these people? And where is my dance number?! We finally got to see the martial arts sequence that Ryan was adamant about adding, so I need this dance number to come through too.

You can watch the episode here through CW Seed. Read about episode 6 here. Episodes 7 and 8 were released on the same day, so you can now view the full series.