NYCC 2014: Spotlight on “The Following”

"The Following" star Kevin Bacon talks about season three of his hit show.

The Following star Kevin Bacon talks about season three of his hit show.

At New York Comic Con this year, the Fox hit The Following showed up to talk about the new stories coming up in the third season. A year has passed since the intense season ender and all the characters are still haunted by their past experiences, as well as tracking down the financial holdings of the Gray Family. New big bads and new mysteries are ahead for the cast – but no worries. Fan favorites like the killer Joe Carroll and Ryan’s niece Max will be back.

When the show returns to Fox in early 2015, expect flashbacks with your new plot lines, as we piece together how the characters got where they are. It’s designed to give new viewers an understanding of the characters, even as they move onto bigger and badder things.

Sitting down with Kevin Bacon (actor, singer, pop culture reference) – Agent Ryan Hardy – is to spend time with a veteran. His favorite day on set? When he’s working for fourteen hours and basically never goes back to his trailer. He speaks of his excitement of the new season by mentioning what a great crew they have, and then of his castmates. It’s clear what he values most on the show!

The cult aspect is slightly different this year, says Bacon. But the idea of followers, people admiring the darkest among us, that is something that will be explored. The previous seasons’ big villain – Joe Carroll (played by James Purefoy) – is in prison thanks to Hardy and company, but he is “just the beginning” according to the show’s star.

Shawn Ashmore - "Agent Mike Weston" - talks about motivation and set life.

Shawn Ashmore – “Agent Mike Weston” – talks about motivation and set life.


Co-star Shawn Ashmore shared how he gets into (and out of!) such a dark place. “Some episodes are harder than others,” he admits, when it comes to “shaking it off.” One things that helps? “After a massacre scene, the director yells cut and everyone stands up.” He also uses music to soothe himself before stepping into his role as the tormented Agent Mike Weston.

It seems the actors like to share serial killer stories with each other on the set, in the name of research! Kevin apparently shared the “Dating Game Killer” – a real life story about a Dating Game contestant who turned out to be a murderer. This diligent look into the real-life side of the stories they tell is important to Shawn and the rest of the cast. They don’t want to “half ass” the emotional scenes. It’s about putting authentic emotion into the stories.

No wonder Kevin never wants to leave the set…

Marcos Siega, Executive Producer of the show, promises he sleeps well at night – despite “The Following” being about the truly creepy things hiding in dark corners. Worse, because they’re not demons or spirits – it’s human beings who bring the terror each week on the Fox hit. In his interview, Siega couldn’t give much away – though you will probably be right if you guess serial killers, cults, death, blood, and danger! With the arcs of the first seasons coming to a close (even if the emotional fall out lives on), the show is planning to establish new stories, new bad guys, building up to season four’s storyline. If you haven’t already gotten hooked on this creepy drama, now is the perfect time to check it out.

Photo Credit: Matt Wheeler