NYCC 2014: The Cast and Creators of ‘Black Sails’ Discuss Season 2 & More!

Black Sails at NYCC 2014

And you thought we were done with our coverage of New York Comic Con 2014 (NYCC)?! Walk the plank with you!

The Starz hit, Black Sails, had quite the gold mine during the weekend event! The Season 2 Trailer was released and the pirate drama was renewed for a third season! (And the second season hasn’t even premiered yet!)

Not only did the cast and creators of the show partake in a panel (which you can view here, courtesy of Starz), but we also got a chance to speak with them. During our press room interviews, they answered various questions such as: what to expect from season two, their thoughts on their characters, and even what their favorite adaptation of Treasure Island was!

Check out the interviews with the cast and creators below:

Zach McGowan (Captain Charles Vane) & Toby Schmitz (Jack Rackham):

They mention their rigorous training prior to shooting, working on the gorgeous ships, and of course- what we can expect from season two. Is anyone else shocked that Zach McGowan has an American accent? He certainly fooled me with his fake English accent on the show! And fun fact: there are hardly any air conditioners on set. So chances are if you see the characters sweatin’ it up on the show, that’s 100% real. Interesting and authentic, but oh does my heart goes out to them.

Jessica Parker Kennedy (Max) & Luke Arnold (John Silver):

These two explain what we can expect in the upcoming season and what they think of their characters as of late. But we sneak in a few little fun questions for these two. Like what their favorite Treasure Island adaptation is. Luke’s immediate answer is Muppet’s Treasure Island. He completely fan girls over the movie and his hope to one day meet Tim Curry. Someone start a petition for this to happen please, for Luke Arnold’s sake! Jessica Parker Kennedy (J.P.K) also answers what us Eleanor/Max fans are dying to know! What is going to happen to Eleanor and Max in the upcoming season. She makes an interesting point of Eleanor putting her career before her relationship with Max and how that was seen as “in the wrong.” I never thought of it that way, maybe because I can relate to Eleanor with that (career > relationship). According to J.P.K and Luke Arnold, (Captain of the ‘Maxanor’ ship. See what I did there?) we can expect to see a power change between the two strong women in this season to come. Interesting.

Hannah New (Eleanor Guthrie) & Toby Stephens (Captain James Flint):

We get hints at their thoughts on their characters, similarly to the other interviews with the cast. Toby releases some exciting information for his character in season 2. Apparently, we will be shown flashbacks of him prior to his pirate life. Definitely looking forward to that. And just like with Jessica, Hannah gives her insights on the Eleanor/Max pairing. Her response gives me hope that these two ladies will find their way back to each other and continue the relationship they once had. To quote Hannah New herself: “Even when they push against each other, they are still doing it in a way to connect each other.”
If this isn’t a major clue to their relationship, I don’t know what is.

Creators/Executive Producers, Robert Levine & Jon Steinberg:

They discuss how they go about penning the story arcs per each season and why someone would want to tune into this particular “pirate show” (even though – exactly how many are there?)

The second season premieres on Starz this upcoming January 24th, 2014. Mark your calendars, mateys!
And if you’re feeling like taking a trip down memory lane, view our previous interviews with the cast/creators from last year’s NYCC here!

Image Credit: Starz