Castle S7 Ep5 – Meme is Murder

This week’s episode is a timely commentary on the internet and how it can be used for both good and evil. It also has one of the most hilarious endings I’ve ever seen on this show – and on a show that specializes in hilarious episode endings, that’s saying a lot. But more on that later.

Partners in crime

How dare you use this image against them, Netslayer? They’re adorable!

The first murder this week is of Abby, a 22-year-old social media star famous for her funny reviews on “Snappamatic”. The murderer posts photos of the crime on the same photosharing platform, under the name Netslayer, and he promises more to come. A rich young kid who posts pics of all his expensive cars, parties, etc. is the next target. By then, our team has discovered that the killer is Adam Lane, who was cyberbullied in high school so badly that he dropped out. His bullies were never really brought to justice, due to the weakness of cyberbullying laws at that time. So Lane has an ax to grind against the police as well. His online postings make the murders a game he’s playing with the NYPD – and he’s confident they’ll lose.

The culmination of Netslayer’s revenge is kidnapping the two founders of Snappamatic and threatening to kill whichever one of them gets fewer likes than the other by the deadline. But of course, Beckett’s expert interrogation of Lane makes him reveal enough clues about the kidnapped brothers that Espo and Ryan are able to find them at Lane’s old high school just in time – with the help of the ex-cop who wasn’t able to help Lane back in the day.

The best part about the episode, though, is the ‘webmercial’ that Castle’s publisher has had him record as publicity for his latest book, Raging Heat. We got a glimpse of the blooper-filled filming at the beginning of the ep, and I had already begun to suspect what the final project would look like. But it was much more glorious than I had even imagined. It’s an autotuned, expertly edited masterpiece, complete with Castle’s head as a bouncing karaoke guide thing during the “chorus”. ABC really needs to put the whole thing online, or else they’re missing an easy and excellent opportunity. (You can find fan-uploaded versions of it on YouTube already if you care to look.) Castle is, of course, dismayed that this is how his beloved webmercial is going viral, while his family, including Beckett, agree that it must be watched again. And I agree – it’s well worth more than one look. Oh, internet. You truly are a magical and disturbing place, all at once.

Hi, I'm Richard Castle.

This is one of the best things I have seen on the show in seven consistently hilarious seasons.

I believe there is no new episode next week, but we’ll be back the week after that with something tantalizing and frustrating, based on the promo.

So what did you think: was this week’s ep an accurate portrayal of social media and our society’s obsession with it, or was it over-the-top? Let us know in the comments.