Doctor Strange Casting Benedict Cumberbatch?

Benedict CumberbatchDoctor Strange is in an odd, or should I say strange, point in production where we have heard little to no official information concerning its existence or who is working on it. We know that Scott Derrickson is directing, Jon Spaihts is writing/rewriting the script, and it is largely suspected that the film will be released on July 8, 2016 (everyone assumes this is fact, but hunt around and you’ll find that this is merely speculation). And for months now there has been rumor after rumor about who might play the titular character. Joaquin Phoenix was thought to be in the lead for the role, but then he backed out of negotiations, leaving the Internet to scramble for the next big name to tack onto the franchise. Now another report has surfaced that Marvel is in talks with a particular actor, one who knows well how to play an arrogant genius like Strange.

According to Deadline, Benedict Cumberbatch, best known for his role as Sherlock Holmes in the BBC modern-day adaptation, Sherlock, is negotiating with Marvel right now about becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. Strangely enough, his was one of the first names suggested for the role, but he had apparently denied any possible involvement earlier this year. Cumberbatch is already in an impressive number of popular franchises, including the above mentioned Sherlock as well as Star Trek and The Hobbit. With this latest report, his fans have all taken to the Internet to praise Marvel’s supposed decision, while detractors lament an over-saturation of Cumberbatch (over-Cumberation).

I usually ignore these types of rumors and wait until an official confirmation is made, but this looks like it might be the real deal. Please note, though, that it’s based only on “sources” and nothing is certain yet. Also, the report says that he’s “in talks,” so even if the report is true, it does not guarantee that he will sign on to the film. But still, this report raises many questions, such as if Doctor Strange ever runs into Loki, will the Internet survive? And if Cumberbatch is playing Strange, then when are we getting a fourth season of Sherlock?

Doctor Strange will supposedly be released on July 8, 2016, and may possibly star Benedict Cumberbatch. What do you think? Is he just perfect or the worst? Sound off in the comments!