Reign, S2 E4- The Lamb & the Slaughter

Reign, S2 Ep4- The Lamb & the Slaughter

Immediately, we find out why this episode is titled “Lamb and the Slaughter”. Why? Because in a dark and stormy night, a shepherd’s sheep dog gets killed by three cloaked men on horseback. No, not the puppy! But before we can even mourn the puppy’s loss, the strange cloaked men run towards said shepherd. This can’t be good.

Let’s not worry about that for the time being. It’s time to get ready for the christening of Lola and Francis’ son! Catherine and Francis are reminiscing on the last christening: Francis’ younger brother. Then there’s talk of potential godmothers. We pan over to Lola, who is left out of the talk, and my heart goes out to her. This situation can’t be easy for her. It seems that as of late, most decisions have been made for her. Seeing Lola’s exclusion, Mary asks for her suggestions. She can’t even get a word in; Catherine mutters on about royal traditions and “this is how it’s done!” The kiddies (Francis, Mary, and Lola) don’t think all this fancy stuff is necessary. But Catherine points out that all of this is necessary. Is it really, though? Catherine is from a different generation than Francis, Mary, and co.; they think differently (quite similar to modern times with teenagers vs. adults.). However, they seem to take Catherine’s advice to heart.

That is except Lola, who has stormed off. Mary catches up with her, out of worry. Thinking that it’s about Catherine’s control of the christening, she explains that Catherine’s always dominated in that regard. That isn’t the issue in Lola’s eyes. She worries that all this baby nonsense is too much for Mary. After all, Mary never exactly got angry with Lola, now did she? I sense some foreshadowing. Lola reveals she has found an adjacent cottage for her and her son that is still on the castle grounds. Mary finds this absurd. How is Lola going to be Mary’s lady? Simply put: she won’t, Lola says. Without even thinking it through, Mary does as told and releases Lola’s from her services as a lady. The girls part ways and I can’t help but feel for this situation.

Whenever someone asks me advice, I always try to see both sides. And boy, can I see each point of view with this. Lola just wants to be with her child and away from all this royal mumbo-jumbo. I feel Mary (who is stuck in the middle of this, I might add) just wants everyone to be happy. Francis wants to have contact with his son, for Lola to still be one of Mary’s ladies, etc. Are you going to start making a cake out of rainbows and smiles anytime soon, Mary? Just wondering.

Reign, S2 Ep4- The Lamb & the Slaughter

“Why can’t my royal duties just be to sit here and look attractive? I’m good at it!”

Meanwhile, Francis and Conde discuss the recent incident with the shepherd and strange men on horseback. The shepherd’s injuries are unknown, but what occurred has everyone freaking out. Francis explains that Conde must report to Bash (aka: King’s Deputy), to sort out this ordeal. Conde exits and Leith enters. Francis is ecstatic to see his best mate (we’re talking “over the moon” happy! It’s adorable) return to the castle. He is sorry about his loss of land though. But never fear – Francis allows him to work side-by-side with Bash to make ends meet. Guys, their bromance makes me so happy I could burst!

Outside, Greer and Kenna are giving Lola gifts for the baby. Before I continue my recap, there are two things I’d like to point out about this scene. One: I can’t help but notice their clothes and at first glance adore them, they’re so colorful and festive…but they’re not exactly appropriate for the era (in my opinion. If I’m wrong, please say so in the comments). Second: I was a bit taken aback when I saw that this was a scene of just the ladies-in-waiting by themselves, Queen Mary not in sight. It’s great to see that their characters have evolved and are their own people with their own storyline, not just beings that Mary can order around. Yay for character development!

Back to the recap. The girls see Lord Narcisse arrive via carriage with a woman in hand. Why it’s Estelle, the woman that helped Lola deliver her son and also was put in a cage by Narcisse. This can’t be good. It isn’t. Estelle is Lord Narcisse’s bride to be, wishing the King’s approval. That’s all fine and dandy, but Estelle is, to put it in Greer’s words, “nervous as a bird.” (Why don’t we talk like that? It’s adorable!) She’s in a complete daze. She hands Lola a handkerchief, but pretty much signals not to open it at the moment. Once the almost-newlyweds leave, Lola opens it. It’s a note saying, “Help me.” Uh-oh.

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