Gracepoint – Season 1, Episode 4

With the airing of Gracepoint’s episode four, viewers have received exactly what they were promised. The fourth installment of Gracepoint began to diverge greatly from that of its UK counterpart Broadchurch. The episode began with a bang and left viewers wondering who they can trust. It truly brought home FOX’s promotion “Suspect Everyone,” as certainly no one is truly innocent in the town of Gracepoint.

It’s nice to see so much humor interjected with the sadness of a small town death. Sass was going around to everyone this week as Ellie (Anna Gunn) sassed Carver (David Tennant) several times. Granted the ornery ass deserves some of it for the hoops he’s been making her jump through. It’s nice to see she’s decided to have fun whether or not he wants to participate, like when in the car after he called her an “eager beaver” she suggested he was sexually harassing her only to be pulling his leg. One thing we can be sure about is the British version of Ellie Miller wouldn’t have just let go of the fact that Carver collapsed on a damn dock. He just slinks away as she is preoccupied by the fact that Beth is there to see her and never questions Emmett about it again. If your partner fell down while giving chase to a suspect wouldn’t you want an answer? Instead she asks him twice, once on the dock to make sure he’s okay, then once in the office. Hopefully, she’ll grill him more at next week’s dinner.

This was not the only divergence but just the tip. It turns out that Danny (Nikolas Filipovic) has many secrets of his own. Not only did Dean (Kendrick Sampson) find him walking up highway 101, but he also sheds light on the fact that Danny got off on stealing. That accompanied by the fact that Mark’s (Michael Pena) disappointment seemed to be eating away at him, forcing him to search out more supportive male figures.  Thankfully, the case of whose phone number was in Danny’s pocket was revealed to be the hiker’s (Brendan Fletcher), but the question of why is still far from answered. Additionally surprising is when Beth (Virgina Kull) confronts Ellie, telling her she met the mysterious hiker when he came to see about getting a hunting license.

But the hiker’s behavior alone isn’t the only one striking viewers as odd. FOX sure increased the creep factor having Susan (Jacki Weaver) sneak up on Vince (Stephen Louis Grush) and trying to force him into coming to dinner so they can “work things out.” As if that wasn’t enough, later she is shown snapping a chicken’s neck. It’s almost heart breaking when Vince doesn’t show for dinner after she worked so hard making it for him. Vince must have forgotten about dinner while he was too busy quizzing Tom (Jack Irvine) about Danny’s case and fixing his skateboard. Oh well; luckily that snapped chicken neck didn’t seem to faze Susan, so she offers the uneaten food to her loyal and trustworthy dog.

Despite the chicken killing, the creepiest character of the week once again goes to Kevin Rankin’s portrayal of Reverend Paul Coates. As if his obsession with Beth wasn’t disturbing enough, this week he was in the rectory caressing a picture of dead Danny. Not to be outdone he later pined over a picture of him and a young Beth. This is of course all before Beth tells Paul about what the psychic said. That resulted in an eerie confrontation between Paul and everybody’s favorite reluctant psychic (Adam Greydon Reid), warning him to stay away from Beth and suggesting he sees a psychiatrist for the voices he’s hearing. It was almost as if he was staking claim over his property, like we saw Mark do when he warned Paul to stay away from his family. There has to be more of their history revealed in the next few weeks and it is leading up to be a whopper. Especially since even the reluctant psychic knows that there is a past between Paul and Beth. When Beth brought the reverend up, Mark seemed to immediately accuse Paul of trying to come between them.

Poor Beth – she’s just stuck in the middle of everything wanting answers. It’s not her fault she’s willing to turn anywhere. Virginia Kull does an amazing job at depicting Beth’s desperation as she searches for closure while being lied to by everyone around her. She’s rightfully suspicious, as everyone seems to be hiding things from Mark. The fact that he cheated to Chloe’s (Madalyn Horcher) drug dealing boyfriend and the evidence that Gracepoint police holds back from her. The anger she aims towards Ellie, calling her on the crap and demanding for her to be honest and tell her what is going on is, what any mother in her situation would do. Rightfully so, she’s wandering along this path completely alone. It’s no wonder that Paul’s support is so appealing to her that she continues to turn to him.

What do you guys think of Gracepoint’s departure from Broachurch’s model? Are you surprised by the twists we’ve seen so far? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to turn into next week’s episode of Gracepoint on Thursday at 9pm EST/PST. It promises to continue the surprises as Jack Reinhold secret life comes to light and Beth decided to take on a new tactic by talking to the press.


GRACEPOINT: Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin, L) confronts Raymond Connelly (guest star Adam Greydon Reid, R) in "Episode Four" of GRACEPOINT airing Thursday, Oct. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ed Araquel/FOX

GRACEPOINT: Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin, L) confronts Raymond Connelly (guest star Adam Greydon Reid, R) in “Episode Four” of GRACEPOINT airing Thursday, Oct. 23 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. Cr: Ed Araquel/FOX