Play it Again, Dick – Episode 6

We left off in episode 5 with Weevil being killed off in Private Dick.  Ryan excitedly explains that this happened because killing off main characters makes for  great television.  In reality, it’s probably because Francis Capra said in episode 4 that he was only available for filming on Thursdays.

In the next installment of Private Dick, Dick finds himself in a hotel room with Madison Sinclair (played by Amanda Noret).  Their – literal – toe pointing sex leads to the greatest shot pouring sequence ever.

As Dick takes his shot, we see the ghost of his brother Cassidy “Beaver” Casablancas (played by Kyle Gallner).  Dick swears to Beaver that he hasn’t forgotten about his case. An exasperated Beaver exclaims that “I keep telling you that I jumped off the Neptune Grand.”  Beaver mentions that he saw Weevil in the seventh circle of hell and Dick asks him to see if he can find out who killed Weevil.

piadpouringOnce Dick goes back out to the memorial service, he sees Keith Mars on a video chat with a line of guests.  Back in episode four, Enrico Colantoni explains to Ryan that he’s not allowed in the U.S. at the moment, which explains his Skype appearance. “Logan” explains to Dick that a mystery woman has hired Keith to look into Weevil’s death. His description of the mystery woman basically points to Celeste Kane, but it goes over Dick’s head.

When Dick speaks to Keith and explains that he’s on the case and that he’s now a private investigator, Keith asks him what was his P.I. licensing test score, which is a pretty funny call back to episode 3×18.  Dick’s response of a score of 1000 just makes Keith shake his head.

While this is going on, a sandwich gets delivered to Keith’s hotel room and he claims he didn’t order it, but eats it anyway. Then he goes on to die the same way as Weevil did.

We cut back to Ryan talking to the BTS camera and his parting words are “TV 101 son…” while he pours one out from his flask for his homies.

We’re running out of time and characters but the plot line is just getting good!

You can watch the episode here through CW Seed. Read about episode 5 here. Each episode will be released once a week until all eight episodes are posted.