Sleepy Hollow, S2 Ep5 — The Weeping Lady

I had a plan to write a spoiler-free review of Sleepy Hollow this week, but come on — not when Ichabod and Katrina both (spoiler alert) pull such dick moves. For as much as the show likes to portray Ichabod as almost saintly, with his progressive attitudes that seem to come more from his innate goodness than his time or upbringing, he’s really kind of a jerk. First he steals his best friend’s fiancee, now we find out that he ditched his own fiancee (but we’re not really supposed to care because she’s British during the Revolution and not as “hot” as Katrina).

And I guess we’re supposed to sympathize because Ichabod and Katrina are so much in love despite their betrothals, but they both come off as super shallow. Not to mention super dishonest.

We only find out about Ichy’s ex fiancee because she comes back as an evil spirit, the legendary Weeping Lady. But now instead of being a harmless spirit that scares teenagers, she suddenly decides to kill Ichabod’s friend and Colonial history buff, Caroline, soon after she confesses romantic feelings toward Ichabod.

Then The Weeping Lady goes after Abbie, but Abbie is rescued, first by Ichabod, who manages to pull her out of the watery ghost hole she was pulled into. Then by Hawley, who, unlike Ichy, knows CPR (If they’d had CPR in the 1700s, no doubt Ichy would excel at it, but they didn’t, so he was pretty much helpless).

Ichy's jilted ex, Mary

Ichy’s jilted ex, Mary

Once they realize that the Weeping Lady is targeting women Ichy cares about, he remembers his old ex, Mary. As far as he knew, she had returned to England in one piece, but now it seems she didn’t.

The next victim is obvious: Katrina. Considering that Katrina wound up with Ichabod after all her denial that there was anything between them, and the mysterious nature of Mary’s death, you’d think The Weeping Lady would have gone right for Katrina pretty much as soon as she came out of Purgatory. They acted like she wouldn’t know Katrina was in Sleepy Hollow until she found a note dropped by Ichy while he was rescuing Abbie. But why would she need to see that to find out? She’s a ghost. She knew about Caroline, whom Ichabod barely even knew. He’s in love with Abbie, obvs, but still, Katrina as third in line doesn’t make sense, except that it called for an Ichabbie rescue mission.

Ichabod faces his former paramour with compassion, and she is freed by a spell chanted by Abbie and  Katrina — but not before outing Katrina as the cause of her torment. Kat, to Ichy’s horror, gets real cagey at the suggestion. She claims that she  met with Mary on the night of her death, and that she tripped and fell off a cliff. She seriously said this.

Ichabod, finally, is like, you know, Katrina, you are one lie after another. And not little lies, either, she hid a pregnancy from him, not to mention the fact that she’s a witch.

Katrina just leaves with Headless.

As Sleepy Hollow episodes go, “The Weeping Lady” is pretty focused, with little in the way of B storylines (the exception being Jenny and Hawley’s former relationship — one Jenny wants to rekindle. Look out for live triangles). It’s pretty much totally Crane-focused. You can’t exactly say Ichabod is perfect after this episode, but at least he had some self-awareness about the situation, something he seemed to have lacked 200 years ago.