Castle S7 Ep4 – Child’s Play

First off, apologies for the lateness of the recap. Real life intruded, but I’m back to TV life now.

So a short delayed recap of this ep: a young man named Anton is found murdered in an ice cream truck. His family immigrated to the US from Georgia, and it turns out that an old enemy of theirs, a killer wanted for war crimes, killed Anton because he recognized him in a falsified passport photo. The team is able to discover this when they find a permission slip for Mrs. Ruiz’s second grade classroom in the ice cream truck, and Castle infiltrates the classroom to find out which of the kids was there.


What could be more natural for Castle?

The highlight of the episode for me – and judging by the screencaps on the internet, for many other fans – was Castle sitting down for a tea party with charming young Emily, one of Mrs. Ruiz’s second graders. They’re both dressed as fairy princesses, complete with tiaras and wings. Castle is not at all discomfited by this, either. I can easily imagine him playing tea party with a young Alexis. Even though it turns out to be Jason, the class bully, who gives them the info they need on who witnessed Anton’s murder, the character of Emily was sweetly believable and fun to watch.

I wondered if this episode was maybe supposed to air before last week’s, since the other major plotline was Alexis (and Martha to a lesser extent) fussing over Castle, making him his favorite food and hovering over him protectively in reaction to his return after being missing. It seems a little weird to have had that after last week with no mention of these behaviors. But regardless, Castle’s discussion with Alexis about how being an adult means knowing you can’t always protect the ones you love – which is the way he felt when she was kidnapped – was bittersweet and an excellent father/daughter moment.

One final thought: I’m wondering if Castle’s statement to Mrs. Ruiz that real-life events make their way into even fictional stories is meant to hint at how we’re supposed to learn more about Castle’s motivations for becoming a mystery writer. Guess we’ll find out!