Reign, S2 Ep3- Coronation

Reign, S2 Ep3- Coronation

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the coronation of Mary and Francis! Nothing like a famine to ruin their good time and awaken their differences.

Everyone is preparing for the coronation festivities for Mary and Francis. Heck, there’s even a party of sorts at the start of the episode (at this point, I don’t question why there’s a party/fest in nearly episode. I just go with it). Catherine seems to be the one that’s most enthused, though; her little son is growing up! Blood satin sashes and golden horned unicorns? Sounds a bit…excessive. But Catherine insists as much as they should be frugal with their expenses, everyone around them would see the new leaders of France as weak. And just as Mary tries to disagree, Catherine utters my favorite line of the night: “Truly Francis, I don’t even know why she’s in this conversation.” So much sass, Cat! Mary is still stepping back from Lord Narcisse and the lack of grain situation. But it’s fine because Francis has a way to feed his people if Narcisse keep delaying.

Reign, S2 Ep3- Coronation

“Fill me in on what I missed in last week’s episode, Bash!”

Off in another part of the party (Meh, that’s what I’m calling it), Lola and Kenna are speaking with a bunch of other ladies…and it’s rather dreadful. They’re talking about summer châteaus and gowns for every occasion; things Kenna just doesn’t have (Bash and Kenna’s château burned down during the plague. Sadness). Even Lola’s now-unnamed baby has a castle and loads of land. All she can do is roll her eyes. She vents about this to Bash, and I actually feel for the girl. “When do we get what we deserve?” I’ve been asking myself this for these lovely characters from day one. Hopefully with Bash as the King’s Deputy now…very soon?

Lola is quite upset that Francis dismissed one of the maids, Caroline, from looking after the baby. Francis claims that he walked into the nursery to check on him and she was MIA. Lola doesn’t believe a word of it. Go on, just tell your baby mama that Caroline was possessed with Henry’s spirit, she’ll believe you. Maybe?

Francis heads off to discuss grain matters with Lord Narcisse and Mary at his side. When Francis asks for a specific date, he doesn’t comply…just calls the starving people lazy. What? You need to go back to wherever you came from, right now! If they’re so lazy, how come a man gets killed for just stealing a chicken and bread. “He was just trying to feed his family,” Conde says. They need food pronto!

Reign, S2 Ep3- Coronation

“I see dead people. Well, my dead father. Okay, a woman that’s possessed by my father.” #FrancisProblems

Okay, it’s a party, there’s a dance and feast (how ironic since they’re in a middle of a famine). We see that Francis is trying to lock down a grain supplier. Excellent. What’s not so excellent is Narcisses’s effect on all the suppliers. The poor man’s practically shaking as he simply looks at Narcisse. Narcisse, you’re not going to have any friends if you keep being a jack-ass. Even Catherine knows what you’re really after: power. While Mary was asked to stay out of their grain situation, a supplier from Germany has a small request for her in order to receive some food. Simply, free prisoners from King Henry’s reign to him and they will get what they need. Sounds fair enough.

During a dance, the cute couple Bash and Kenna (is it apparent that they’re my favorite? ‘Cause they are) are interrupted. A woman runs to Bash, yelling in hysterics that her husband is dead and it’s all his fault (she points to a rich looking man by the name of Lord Barnard). As Bash goes to assist the crying lady, Kenna is left alone. But not for long. One of the women that Lola and Kenna were talking to earlier approaches her. Not one of the gossip hens that annoyed her earlier; rather the one that was giving her creepy eye contact. They discuss their ideal friend (one you could trust) and she offers Kenna an available château if they want it. Of course they want it! It does, however, seem too good to be true.

Mary gives Francis the rundown on the opportunity of German grain while dancing. While watching this scene, I can’t help but slightly chuckle between the differences between their style of dance and ours today; it’s probably because you can’t hear the current hit pop song in the background. Not only does Francis not think it’s the best idea (France is used to Narcisse’s grain), he jokes to Mary, “Asking you to know your place is like asking the sun not to shine.” They’re so cute! 🙂

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