Supernatural, S10 Ep02 – Reichenbach

Supernatural s10 ep02--Crowley staring at Dean across the bar

Now that’s what I’m talking about! Supernatural’s second episode of the season delivered more of what I had expected Demon Dean to be like. Unfortunately, it also delivered more of the boring angel plotline that I hope will not last very long, and I say that as a rabid Castiel fan. But it also introduced a couple of actually interesting angel-related elements, including Metatron’s current situation and the existence of Castiel’s original grace.

Supernatural s10 ep02--Cole with his eyes closed while emoting to Sam

“Every night, I close my eyes, and all I can see is your brother.” Same, Cole. Same.

The episode started off with the sad backstory of Cole, the military guy who kidnapped Sam at the end of the last episode. Turns out Dean killed his father, or at least he thinks Dean killed his father. He didn’t actually see Dean in action, so who knows. But anyway, Cole has an understandable grudge against Dean. Why did Dean kill his father, though? We weren’t let in on that bit of info, but since this is Dean we’re talking about, a young Dean from before he became a demon or even went to Hell, he probably had a good reason for it. Also, you never know if this is going to be one of those things where someone else killed his father but he just happened to catch Dean when he was holding a bloody knife or if Dean killed him because he was possessed or a monster of some kind. But the thing is, Cole doesn’t know about the supernatural. He thinks Dean’s some crazy murderer, not the hunter we all know and fantasize about in the shower. Cole has spent his whole life training for the moment he meets Dean. Kind of like Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, nicely referenced in the end fight scene between Dean and Cole. And that fight ends with Dean beating up Cole and letting him live, not out of mercy but because that would really screw with his head. That will torment Cole the rest of his life, Dean explained to Sam, because he had the chance to avenge his father and couldn’t do it. Of course, Cole lost because he hadn’t known about the supernatural and therefore did not anticipate his father’s murderer being a demon. He found out at the end though, and his reaction was simply to find out about demons so he could try again.

Cole’s personal mission to kill Dean is an interesting new direction. There have been plenty of characters who have wanted to hunt and kill the Winchesters over the years, but most of those have been monsters or the FBI. Instead, Cole is a human out for revenge. Dean has always been of the opinion that if it’s a monster, you kill it. He has rarely shown mercy for supernatural beings, even going so far as killing Sam’s Kitsune friend, Amy, despite the fact that she was (mostly) harmless. Juxtaposing Dean’s lack of empathy toward monsters and his current stab-happy state as a demon underlines how much Demon Dean comes from regular Dean. His demon side is an exaggeration of his own vices, especially bloodlust. He usually uses that bloodlust to take care of evil, but there have been times when he’s crossed the line (like with Amy). He’s always been able to justify it, though, but still, he likes the kill a little too much. And as a demon with the Mark of Cain, he needs to kill to sate his addiction or the Mark will make him lose control.

Supernatural s10 ep02--Crowley looking at a photo of him and Dean on his phone


You can still see the old Dean in there, if you squint. Crowley tried to get Dean to kill for him as a way to feed the Mark, because Dean didn’t want to kill innocents. But that didn’t work out very well, seeing as how Dean killed the wrong person. Honestly, though, he killed the guy who was worse. And that made it look like Dean is still very Dean, just demony. Watching him be demony was a lot of fun too. His cockiness during his fight with Cole was perfect. His break up with Crowley over, shall we say, creative differences, was also very Dean, and surprisingly sad for Crowley. He’ll miss the good times with his bestie.

Actually, let’s talk about Crowley for a minute. He really likes Dean. He’s bonded with the Winchesters in ways he probably doesn’t want to admit to, and he wants to hang out with them, get drinks together, maybe shoot the breeze at the crossroads. But he doesn’t want to become fully human again. He likes being a demon, however, his brush with humanity has affected him in many ways. He’s still evil, but he wants to be loved. Dean pushing him down and refusing his friendship hit him rather hard for a demon who shouldn’t care about such things. Crowley has been getting some of the most fascinating character development these past few seasons, and I’m really glad they’ve made him a regular. He adds something wonderful to the show.

Then there’s Moose—I mean, Sam. Sam wouldn’t give up his brother when Cole was torturing him. Even though Dean is a demon now and basically told Cole that he doesn’t care what happens to Sam, Sam stuck by his brother. Of course, he didn’t exactly know where Dean was at the time, but still. Sam is determined to get his brother back after almost losing him. Again.

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