Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., S2 Ep04 – Face My Enemy

If you were able to go to this month’s New York Comic Con 2014, you may have been lucky enough to attend Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel on Friday, October 10. During that panel executive producer Jeph Loeb was able to give fans an early screening of this week’s episode, “Face My Enemy”. The episode was very well received by the audience at the convention panel for very good reason. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has delivered another solid episode filled with humor, action, and heart.


May and Coulson go undercover

“Face My Enemy” focuses primarily on Coulson and May as they attend a fancy fundraising event in order to steal a painting, which contains markings similar to those Coulson has recently been creating. Meanwhile, Coulson is seen repeatedly asking May if she has a contingency plan for if/when his mind goes the way of Garrett’s. Their heist is altered when as General Talbot decides to crash the party.

The episode contains some twists regarding Talbot. At one point we are made to believe that Talbot is working for HYDRA, as he is seen communicating with Daniel Whitehall. After he makes a shady arrangement to meet with Coulson and May in a hotel room, May decides to scope out the room beforehand. It’s here that she finds the brainwashed Agent 33, who is now working with HYDRA, and Talbot. He turns out to be Whitehall’s lackey, Sunil Bakshi, only posing as Talbot through some advanced mask technology. May puts up a good fight but is ultimately taken down and captured. Agent 33 then assumes the role of May in order to infiltrate Coulson and his team.

The scenes that followed featured Coulson riding shotgun to the meeting point with fake May driving. Agent 33 makes her first slip-up in pretending to be May, when she sympathetically grasps Coulson’s hand after agreeing she would kill him if need be. Coulson finally figures out the real truth later when he asks fake May about having a coffee date. May doesn’t like coffee. What happens next was a pretty well choreographed fight scene between two Mays as Coulson attempts to chase down Sunil.

Meanwhile, Fitz has his own plot throughout the course of this episode, as he is still having trouble speaking and bonding with his fellow teammates. His inner turmoil is apparent as he secludes himself away from the team and talks to the imaginary Simmons. A resolution to his problem occurs when fake May attempts to sabotage the plane, and it’s up to him to use his wits to prevent the plane from exploding. The occurrence allows Fitz to save the plane with the help of Lance Hunter. That story concludes with Fitz and the team celebrating their success over a few beers. We see that Fitz was able to work well under pressure, being the sole reason the plane never exploded, and imaginary Simmons even disappears once he starts to bond with his teammates. It looks like Fitz is slowly getting better, which is nice to see.


May is ready for a fight

Overall, “Face My Enemy” was good. There was a suitable amount of humor during the heist scene, which included an entertaining dance number between May and Coulson and a humorous “laser grid” gag. The episode also helped solidify just how much May cares for Coulson, as we find out she will never be willing to kill him if need be. She cares enough to have him sent away to Australia if he is ever unfit for duty. Still, Coulson orders May to kill him if his mind ever goes astray. In my opinion, there’s no tension there. I doubt Coulson will ever be killed off (again) on this show. I’m sure there will be a way around his mental condition.

The touching moments between May and Coulson, well choreographed action sequences, enjoyable banter between teammates, and seeing Fitz’s condition get progressively better, made “Face My Enemy” an entertaining watch.

The stinger scene at the end of the episode saw Daniel Whitehall plant a device on Raina (the girl in the flower dress) that would kill her in if she fails to return the Obilesk to him within 48 hours. It looks like this situation will bring Raina face-to-face with Coulson in next week’s episode “A Hen in the Wolf House”. Check out the official promo below to get a sneak peek at guest star Adrianne Palicki as Mockingbird and feel free to let us know what you thought about “Face My Enemy” in the comments.