Marvel Comics Teases Another ‘Civil War’

Back in 2006 Marvel Comics gave us Civil War, a line-wide crossover event led by writer Mark Millar that pitted hero against hero. In the story, heroes were divided after the U.S. government passes the Superhero Registration Act – an act which required heroes to work under government regulation, rather than as vigilantes. At the time, the event changed the status quo for several heroes including Spider-Man, who ended up revealing his secret identity to the world, and Captain America, who was killed following the entire ordeal.

Now Marvel Comics intends on reviving the highly popular event with yet another Civil War. A teaser image by artist Adi Granov released by the company this week shows both Iron Man and Captain America struggling to bring the Iron Spider Armor wearing Spider-Man on to their respective sides. The scene is reminiscent of the circumstances that occurred during the event eight years ago. Accompanying the image are the words “Summer 2015.” Check it out below and feel free to let us know what you think in the comments. Did you enjoy the first Civil War? Are you looking forward to another one?