Castle S7 Ep3 – Clear & Present Danger

This was a really fun episode, full of humor and geeky references.

Through the heart

Ouch. Well, at least we know he wasn’t a vampire?

The case of the week is Will Fairwick, an anarchist pool hustler found staked through the heart (the first of many things I’m taking as Buffy references) with one of his own pool cues. But he’s more than just a pool genius. He’s also a regular scientist type of genius, working with a secret government lab on cloaking technology. This helps explain why security footage outside Will’s apartment showed what appeared to be an invisible assailant entering and leaving around the time of the murder.

At first, Castle thinks it was the Devil who killed Will, since Will told the owner of the pool hall that he “sold his soul” for his gifts. Then Castle decides it must have been a demon (second Buffy reference?), since the Devil wouldn’t need to have had Will’s help to enter a building and attack another guy who was beaten up by an invisible assailant. Beckett, on the other hand, believes that Will believed it was a demon/the Devil and freaked out, maybe because he was on PCP (third Buffy reference?). But then the two of them are attacked by the same unseen foe while at the crime scene.

Once they track down the government lab angle, it becomes clear (uh, no pun intended) that someone perfected the cloaking technology they were working on there, and used it to kill Will. It wasn’t his hacker friend, who decided the invisibility suit was too much power for anyone to have: like the One Ring, it should have been destroyed. A cuttlefish clue points our duo to Will’s former university girlfriend, a marine biologist who was furious to find out Will only reconnected with her in order to use her research into the cephalopod’s amazing camouflage abilities. So she stole the suit and forced him to finally see her before she killed him. I’m taking that as another Buffy reference, to that one episode with the chick who doesn’t have any friends at school so she turns invisible, then torments her tormentors.

Pots & Pans

This was one of the moments you could see coming, but it was still hilarious and well-done.

Other plotlines/amusing moments: Castle & Beckett decide they’ve waited long enough since Castle’s return. Their attempts to have sex are thwarted repeatedly – once, by the fear that they’re being watched by invisible prying eyes. This leads to Beckett wearing an “invisible” outfit when they are finally alone together at the end of the ep. Hee.

Also, in a nice nod to continuity and the existence of Ryan’s baby girl, we find out (although I don’t think Beckett & Castle know yet) that Ryan has taken a second job in order to start saving money for his daughter’s future. The job? A bouncer at a male strip club. Of course this offers Espo many opportunities for mocking, but Ryan gets him back at the end. Oh, those two.

All in all, this was the kind of hilarious, delightful episode that I love and expect from this show. Glad to see they still know how to mix comedy and drama expertly. Even the jokes and gags that you could see coming (again, no pun intended) still mostly succeeded in making me laugh. What did you think?