Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

Mary tries to search Lord Narcisse’s room for blackmail clues, but is interrupted by Lola. Awkward “so how’s the baby?” convo is struck and we find out Lola has named her son Robert. It’s lovely to see Lola happy with her child, but it pains me to see Mary upset over this situation she has no control over.

Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

*sings* Say Something I’m Giving Up on You

Meanwhile in Leith’s perfect little land (it’s so pretty!), Lord Castleroy arrives (as well as Greer) and bitches out Leith for causing his daughter’s death. Um, he had nothing to do with that, sir…like at all. Like not even a little bit. I think Castleroy just needed someone to blame and Leith was the perfect subject. Oh and while he’s at it, he’s going to forbid Leith and Greer from seeing each other. They weren’t even doing that, but thanks for giving them ideas to do so. (Typical).
Greer later does just that. She goes to Leith saying she feels terrible for their current relationship. She feels terrible that he feels terrible about Yvette’s death. Leith isn’t having any of it. Remarks are fired until Greer leaves muttering, “I pray the day will come where I no longer regret loving you.” Wait, that wasn’t mean!  Leith, don’t let her leave. Spoiler alert: he does.

Bash is sent into town to try and find anything on Lord Narcisse, but all he can find are plague victims. He does spot one woman performing a ritual to allow souls to move on. This intrigues Bash because of his recent dream mentioning of the reckoning. He brings this matter to Francis, who understands completely what’s occurring. Some ghosts want revenge. He immediately thinks of King Henry.

Catherine and Francis have a nice chat about the baby and fatherhood…while visiting King Henry’s coffin (is that a coffin molded into his body or how they preserved dead people? It’s kinda creepy). It’s so lovely to see these two talk to each other. Catherine obviously loves him and she lets her guard down with him. It’s similar to when she talk to Nostradamus, like when she goes and visits him in the dungeon while he awaits his execution. Okay, maybe not. She pretty much says, “Karma’s a bitch isn’t it?”

Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

Damn it! What’s my locker combo again?

The execution of Nostradamus is beginning and I couldn’t be more nervous. Lord Narcisse explains “quartering” to Conde and I make a face like Grumpy Cat. But thank goodness, Mary comes to the rescue (our HBIC…literally) with evidence of Lord Voland’s confession (aka: guy he wanted dead). But King Francis steps in and is all, “this is guy stuff. Leave us be!” And you know! It’s ALL AN ACT! Mary and Francis are superb together. Narcisse totally buys the act and the forged letters Francis “intercepted” from Mary. But there’s is a catch. Narcisse wants land of his choosing. And he chooses Leith. (That’s rough, buddy).

Nostradamus is free to go! He flees the castle for the time being, telling Mary to say he had a vision in case anyone asks. Aw, I liked clean-shaven Nostradamus (can he please have a nickname?). Francis also declares Bash the king’s deputy; he makes it official via his sword and everything.

That night, Francis spots Mary visiting the baby in the nursery. She believes Francis should claim the baby as his own so he can have a better life. With her blessing, he just might do that. (So does that mean the baby’s name is Francis? I’m terrible, I swear.)

We end our episode with a scene that made me drop my jaw, my phone..everything. There Francis is trying to hold his son properly. One of the maids offers to help. But out of nowhere, her voice and mannerisms turn. She begins talking about all the treaties they’ve signed, all the whores and wars (say that two times fast), and remembering holding Francis as a baby. Francis knows something is up. However, the second the maid says, “Don’t you recognize your own father?” Francis and I both just stand there and stare, me at my TV screen and him at the maid. King Henry possessed the maid! It’s the reckoning! But as soon as it’s revealed, the maid is herself again and everything is back to normal.

Not for Francis it isn’t. If King Henry can possess human beings, what else is he capable of? And who else is coming back from the dead?!

Hopefully these questions are answered soon and we can all rest easy. What are your thoughts on that last scene? Were you as shocked as I was? Funny story: one of my roommates was watching that scene with me (she’s doesn’t watch the show unless she catches glimpses of Toby Regbos face as she’s walking past the TV), and she was all, “Are they bringing ghosts on this show? Do I have to start watching this show?” Hearthat writers of Reign! Keep incorporating these semi-supernatural elements!

Next week? It’s coronation time for the King and Queen! The episode rightfully titled, “Coronation” airs next Thursday at 9/8c. The promo can be viewed below.

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