Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

The plague has (miraculously) ended and Francis and Mary are finally reunited! But Lord Narcisse comes searching for his son, Edward…uh-oh. Who’s going to tell him that he’s kinda dead?

Reign, S2 Ep2- Drawn & Quartered

*sings* Reunited and it feels so good!

After only one episode, the plague is over! Rejoice everyone! I guess it was one of those weird 24 hour type sicknesses. Now no one can catch it, at least in Reign world that is. The vast dead bodies are covered in sheets and shown covering the palace grounds. Inside, people are going from room to room to find remaining corpses so they can properly bury them. “…so their souls can find rest,” Bash says.

But there is good news guys! Francis is back! And no one seems to question why he suddenly has a small infant and woman (Lola) with him. Well, that is except Catherine; she has done nothing but bicker about why Francis had to risk everything for one of Mary’s friends. Speaking of, I found it adorable how Catherine didn’t want anyone to know she mistook her illness for the plague out of embarrassment.

While the women are gushing over the baby (sans Mary), Francis tries to offer Bash a position to be on the council, but he refuses. He also introduces Conde to Mary, and given what we’ve seen of him in these two episodes…he seems like a great guy. Yes! I was SO worried that he was going to be some sort of antagonist (we’ll leave that to Lord Narcisse I guess)…I just like Sean Teale okay! Geez!

Later that night, like all newly reunited couples, Mary and Francis adjourn to the bedroom. But there’s a part of me that can’t stop thinking about Mary and her lack of fertility, which saddened that “should be” sexy moment for me. After sexy time, the royal couple discuss the elephant in the room: the child and Mary’s lack of one. Francis wants a better relationship with his son thea former King Henry had with Bash. Mary suggests Francis should claim him so he can have a better life.  But if that happens, it won’t make Mary’s life any easier with the amount of gossip she’s going to attract.

With Lord Narcisse in town, things can’t be good. He confides in Catherine about his son’s death over whiskey. All he wants is to take his son’s body and move on. That would also be beneficial to both Mary and Nostradamus, who are praying that they get away with Edward’s murder (uh…so is this going to be a regular thing? Are you guys the new Bonnie and Clyde, minus lovers?) Edward did actually die from the plague, so everything should be fine, right? Wrong. Lord Narcisse (I’m tempted to call him Lucius after Draco Malfoy’s father. After all, Edward was all, “My father will hear about this!”), goes down to the dungeon to collect his son’s body. He finds him dead as expected, but a living survivor is also there; he knows how Edward died. Uh-oh. (And courtesy of a “one line and you’ll miss it” we find that the door has been sealed for 2 weeks. Now I’m thinking, how is that guy still alive?)

While a post-plague party is occurring, Narcisse interrupts. He reveals he knows everything and that they’re royally screwed. As Mary and Francis discuss this matter privately, they fight…like a married couple. He is baffled that Mary would even consider doing that in the first place. Mary saw it as punishment for killing an entire family! But Catherine enters and notes that Edward wasn’t the only one he crossed. Mary deliberately made Catherine sick so she would be out of the way. I loved this next moment. Mary picks up her dress, looks her husband and mother-in-law in the eyes and says, “This was my problem and I’ll fix it.” Like it’s such an easy thing to do! Add this to the list of Mary’s bad-ass moments. She does indeed go to meet with Narcisse to settle this privately without getting the King involved. A slip-up occurs during their conversation and we find out that Edward was just doing his father’s dirty work. We don’t know why, Mary keeps pestering…but nothing. This scene was also brilliant! I love how strong they portray Mary! Also because Nostradamus was involved, the nobles want him dead: via quartering (I utterly regret researching this. Ew.).

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