‘Alias’ Alum Victor Garber Joins ‘The Flash’

Victor Garber

Victor Garber

During the summer of 2014 it was announced that former Tomorrow People star, Robbie Amell, would play half of the hero known as Firestorm on The Flash. Half because Firestorm is a character compiled of two people sharing the same vessel. Now it has been announced who will be cast as that second half.

Victor Garber, known for his roles in Alias, Titanic, and much more, has been cast as Dr. Martin Stein. In the comics published by DC, Stein inhabits Firestorm along with Ronnie Raymond (Amell) and The CW’s The Flash will bring along this very concept to our television screens. According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Dr. Stein is a brilliant but arrogant nuclear physicist who has sacrificed everything, including a marriage, for his work in transmutation.” He will appear in the 12th episode in The Flash‘s premiere season.

Garber is no stranger to DC properties. In addition to his previously stated roles, Garber voiced Hal Jordan/Green Lantern’s nemesis, Sinestro, in the straight-to-dvd feature length animated film, Green Lantern: First Flight.

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