Play It Again, Dick – Episode 4

franciscapraThis episode focuses on Ryan Hansen trying to get Francis Capra, who played Eli “Weevil” Navarro, on board with his webseries project. Like the previous episode, Francis plays a very fictionalized version of himself in which he is an artisté.  He spends his time complaining to Ryan that Rob Thomas did not spend enough time focusing on the Veronica Mars characters on a deeper level.  He throws around his prep school background and explains that he’s covered in tattoos because of verisimilitude.  Francis claims that all the characters that he’s played have been criminals in one way or another because he decided to embrace that kind of character.  Francis agrees to the show as long as Ryan gives Weevil something real to do.  He mentions that Thursdays are his only day off.  After he leaves, we see the girl that Percy left behind from episode 3.

There’s a seemingly random interlude where Ryan gets Vietnamese food delivered.  He can’t understand the deliveryman’s accent so he gets the behind the scenes crew to clarify for him. We’ll get back to that later.

Ryan then speaks to Ken Marino who played Vinnie Van Lowe. He tells Ryan that he doesn’t really want to be in the webseries, but Ryan explains that Vinnie wouldn’t have made a return anyway.  Ken recaps that Chris won’t be in it and Rico’s in Toronto. Also Kristen, Percy, and Francis all will only be able to work a day each and that none of the days overlap. Ryan still believes that this project will succeed.

Ken hears loud noises and Ryan explains that it’s the choreographer and dancers rehearsing the big dance number.  When Ryan yells to keep down the noise, he gets told off by the choreographer because they’re working hard while Ryan is sitting around.

Ryan asks Ken if he has Final Draft and runs through a list of the basics of the spinoff. Ken has to explain that Final Draft doesn’t actually write out a script for the user.  Ryan also wants to throw in some martial arts. Here’s where that random delivery guy comes in.  The last thing mentioned is that principle photography starts Monday.

So much random going on. The interesting part is that all the actors’ stipulations on character changes is what their real characters have fictionalized for Play It Again, Dick. Fictional Percy wanted Wallace to be more badass and now real Percy is playing a badass fictional version of himself. The same goes for Francis. With the last note that filming starts Monday, it makes me wonder how much time has passed? Will we get to see the Big Dance Number? Did the deliveryman agree to playing a martial artist? These are the real questions.

You can watch the episode here through CW Seed. Read about episode 3 here. Each episode will be released once a week until all eight episodes are posted.