Play It Again, Dick – Episode 3

This episode marks the return of both Enrico Colantoni and Percy Daggs III, who played Keith Mars and Wallace Fennell – Veronica’s dad and best friend – in the original Veronica Mars series.  This is also when the webseries changes from meta to just plain weird.

enricoThe episode opens with Ryan Hansen speaking so highly of Colantoni, bordering the line of fanboying. He laments that Dick and Keith didn’t get much screen time together and that he doesn’t really know Enrico – Rico to his “friends.”  But that he will always remember the time he told him “you’re in the light, kid” like it was a profound moment.

Ryan describes Rico as being a party person who would jet off to Tijuana during filming breaks to go cock fighting or bull fighting and then return covered in blood.  At this point, I’m not even sure if Ryan’s just building up his own fantasies about the man. But then, in a Skype call, we find out this is all true.

Rico loves Ryan’s pitch about the webseries but his own stipulation is that he gets a personal assistant sent to do a favor for him. In light of the small budget, Ryan explains there are no P.A.s available but he’d be willing to do the favor if it means that Rico will join the cast.  Rico calmly explains with very vague instructions that Ryan goes to Tip Top Liquors in Compton, CA to pick up a package for him and to hide the package under Tom Hanks’ (yes, THE Tom Hanks) bed. When Ryan asks if Tom will be expecting the package, Rico explains that Tom knows what it’s about.  When asked if it’s about Tom not casting him in Bosom Buddies, Rico gets very defensive.  There are also a few shady references that Rico may have some gang affiliations. Also, Rico explains that there may be some scheduling problems since he is currently in Toronto, Canada and is currently not allowed in the states but that they’ll work it out.

Next up in Percy Daggs III and he is a full on thug when he meets up with Ryan.  He arrives with a girl and expresses that all he wants is for production to pay for his percydaggsiiigas “from the LBC to the 323” and that he is only available for filming for three hours next Tuesday.  He also does not want things to revert back to how Wallace was in the original series i.e. “no model airplane flying, no getting taped to flag poles.”  After agreeing to the project, Percy leaves the house but also leaves the random girl with Ryan and tells him that she’s his problem now.

This episode takes Play It Again, Dick to a whole new level because both Rico and Percy’s demeanor have been completely fictionalized – as far as we know – from their real life counterparts.  I’m not sure if this makes the series more enticing or more off putting because it kind of hits both extremes with how vulgar and crude both characters end up being.  It does help remind the viewers that the webseries is just a fictionalized version of all these real life people but if this is the direction the rest of the series is going, it’ll probably tip over to the off putting side.

You can watch the episode here through CW Seed. Read about episode 2 here. Each episode will be released once a week until all eight episodes are posted.