Gracepoint – Season 1, Episode 2

Hitting our screen this evening was the second much-anticipated episode of Gracepoint and it appears to have picked up the pace. This week’s episode found Detectives Carver (David Tennant) and Miller (Anna Gunn) continuing the case of who murdered Danny Solano (Nikolas Filipovic). As they searched the Solano house the police found drugs and cash. Surprise, surprise. Questioning Chloe (Madalyn Horcher) about it led to Gemma (Sarah-Jane Potts) and a fantastic exchange between the two feuding partners, when Miller promises to keep the coke wrap quiet and Carver is astounded by her constant need to make everything better.

It also appears that Chloe’s boyfriend Dean (Kendrick Sampson) has more to hide than just getting her drugs. You have to in order to be that worried about the cops sniffing around your house. Chloe was right to put him in his place. I mean, so what if her brother’s dead, God forbid the police come after you and disturb your life, right?

Carver certainly still suspects something more than the evidence suggests, and with the murder scene still a mystery he oddly wants the cabin searched. Maybe it’s just a hunch after finding the surveillance of Mark Solano (Michael Pena) in the parking area below it. That sure didn’t look like he was doing plumbing outside in the middle of the night.

As journalist Rene Clemons’ (Jessica Lucas) lands in Gracepoint, her discussion with Owen (Kevin Zegers) sheds light on the incident that Chief was discussing with Carver last week. It is revealed the murder of three children escaped prosecution due to Carver’s inadequacy while he was in Rosemont. It also makes Carver’s outburst, “don’t do this to me” upon seeing a child’s body on the beach more heartbreaking. He clearly hasn’t come to terms with whatever happened.

Another difference that sparked viewer’s interest is Reverend Coates. Coates (Kevin Rankin) seems to have a much more detailed past than anyone would have guessed with Danny’s mother Beth (Virginia Kull). He certainly has his eyes on her, remembering in detail what she was wearing last Christmas. It even appears that Beth’s mother, Mary (Linda Darlow), seems to approve, even encouraging him to reach out to her. So, of course when he did she confides that she’s pregnant. In fact, it felt more believable having Beth tell her childhood friend that she’s pregnant amid this horrible affair of her son’s death, than the random town reverend as in Broadchurch.

The town backpacker (Brendan Fletcher) was a nice touch too, changing it from the postman in Broadchurch to a wander. It certainly appears suspicious, but is it just another false lead to throw viewers off the track? One can never tell, with the multitude of possibilities as to who killed Danny rising. They sure looked friendly, though. Carver is lucky that Jack (Nick Nolte) remembered seeing the interaction and brought it to his attention.

Viewers also got an inside look at Detective Carver’s ill health. Notice that he didn’t just down a blister pack of pills like in Broadchurch, but was required to shoot up in the bathroom after running away from his spilled coffee. Did no one in the office notice he left a dripping table and go to check on him? Rest assured he was fine after some juice, only to come out a few minutes later declaring he was fine when Miller asked. Then of course he grumbled about the burrito she supplied him with and attempted to eat it like he’d never seen one before in his life. Or maybe his anti-bean attitude is a clue into what is wrong with his health?

How do you guys think Gracepoint episode two went? Are you any closer to guessing who killed Danny? And what do you think is wrong with Detective Carver? We’d love to hear your thoughts below. Remember to turn in for episode three of Gracepoint next Thursday, October 16 at 9 EST/PST to see what happens when Mark Solano is caught in his lie and brought in for questioning, and more secrets come to light.