Ant-Man Adds Another Cast Member

Ant-Man movie logo

Martin Donovan

Marvel’s Ant-Man has already started filming, but it’s still adding people to the cast. The latest actor to join the project is Martin Donovan, best known for his many collaborations with director Hal Hartley as well as his role as Peter Scottson on Weeds.

Who will Donovan be playing? That’s the question, of course, and naturally Marvel isn’t saying a thing. Supposedly his part will be pivotal to the story, but we just don’t have any official information on who his character is at the moment. The main cast was believed to have been chosen already before filming began, so his role may be minor but important. Or maybe he’s yet another version of Ant-Man, who knows. Feel free to speculate on your own!

Ant-Man will arrive in theaters July 17, 2015. Who do you think Donovan will play? Let us know in the comments!