Gracepoint – Season 1, Episode 1

Beginning with a bang audience members were on the edge of their seat seeing Danny Solano standing on the edge of a cliff only to be reigned back moments later with their first introduction to the town of Gracepoint. The Solanos appear to be any typical family, busy and on the run to get everything done. The town too seems quaint, as everyone knows the same stories as they pass through the grape vine. Yet, they genuinely appear to care about each other.

Viewers are met fairly early by the tension between Detective Carver (David Tennant) and Detective Miller (Anna Gunn). Especially as her first words to him after seeing the dead body of Danny Solano is about how he took her job. These exchanges continue from there with his gruff shell constantly shutting her questions down and refusing to call her by her first name as he wanders around acting like the Gracepoint police force is compiled of imbeciles.

Anna Gunn’s Ellie Miller seems to think she has to protect her town from Detective Carver. Whether it is his angry self or a personal affliction from losing her job to some big city Detective she ensures they know it’s nothing personal by taking on an apologetic manner trying to explain Carver’s harsh city attitude to everyone he meets. Miller also makes the case personal, needing to solve who killed her child’s best friend and promising Beth (Virginia Kull) that she will ensure justice is acquired for Danny.

By the end of the episode it is apparent that Detective Carver is suspicious of everyone with reason as it is revealed that Danny wasn’t abducted but in fact snuck out of his house of his own accord. Particularly after finding out that Danny was murdered by blunt force trauma to the head (a markedly different death for those who viewed the original Broadchurch). The audience is also faced with many questions and possible suspects. Topping that list are Tom Miller (Jack Irvine) and Mark Solano (Michael Pena). Tom shocked viewers when after talking to his mom, Detective Miller, he asks to be left alone to delete his phone messages and computer hard drive. Danny’s father also leaves questions in many minds with his emergency plumbing job that kept him out until three in the morning. Questions that can only be answered with the next episode.

Episode two airs this coming Thursday (October 9) at 9pm PST/EST. It promises to be shocking as the investigation around who murdered Danny Solano continues and his family members become the main focus of Detective Carver and Miller.

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