Sleepy Hollow, S2 Ep2 — The Kindred

A Sleepy Hollow episode featuring Franklinstein’s monster (that’s a monster made out of corpse parts by Benjamin Franklin), should pretty much be the most awesome episode ever. I mean, you would think. A “Frankenstein” made by Franklin. You would think, first of all, that they would awaken The Kindred (ie corpse monster) with some kind of electric shock. Right? That’s kind of Franklin’s thing.

“The Kindred,” despite its name, was hardly about Franklinstein’s monster. Mostly, it’s about Katrina and Headless. Ichabod, now that he’s rescued Abbie from Purgatory, has turned his focus on rescuing Katrina. Abbie looks just as annoyed by it as the rest of us. Is it jealousy or concern that focusing on Katrina will compromise the mission? Maybe a bit of both. Abbie admits that she was so happy to see (the fake) Ichabod in Purgatory, she would have drank the demonwater he gave her without a second thought. Ichabod is her weakness. So it’s kind of awkward when she tells him that Katrina is his weakness. He doesn’t think she is, and, no, at this point Abbie probably trumps Katrina in the “weakness” department. There’s really no getting around the fact that Abbie comes first — there was nothing stopping him from rescuing Katrina first while Abbie waited in Purgatory. Not like he didn’t leave Katrina there for a while. All of which Abraham/Headless points out to Katrina, making her doubt his love for her. The thing is… it’s all true.

sleepyhollows2e2ichabbieStill, it wouldn’t be right to leave Katrina in the clutches of Headless. Even though the whole reason they got her out of Purgatory was because she’s such a super powerful witch, yet she can’t even unbound her own hands. She’s not half as powerful as Jenny, who doesn’t even have magical powers that we know of. Meanwhile Jenny’s on her second bad-luck adventure since the season started last week.

Anyway, Ichabod and Abbie decide to create the Franklinstein to help save Katrina while going through Franklin’s papers and realizing that the reason he failed to bring the monster to life was because he was missing a piece of the Horseman of Death. Of course, they have his head. After some brief ethical debate, Abbie goes to see Captain Irving in prison to find out where the head is. It’s in an S&L safety deposit box. While waiting in the lobby, Ichabod is approached by an employee who tries to sell him a credit card by suggesting he buy Abbie (out of earshot) an engagement ring. Ichabod is outraged by the Wedding Industrial Complex. And, I mean, it is pretty bad, but it’s not like marriage was some pure and lofty ideal that had nothing to do with money in the 18th Century. Please, Ichabod, diamonds and overpriced weddings are a lot less less vulgar than wives having no independent rights, just saying.

So, they get the head and locate Franklin’s monster’s body in a secret tomb that opens with 18th-Century battery power, which is as close as we get to using electricity to bring the monster to life. No, Ichabod has to read a spell, which he mucks up the first time, and only barely manages to get right just as Headless attacks. So The Kindred, with Headless’ head, is fighting Headless’ headless body. Which is pretty cool, except that the whole thing, all the risks they took to bring the monster to life, was to create a diversion so Ichabod could go in and get Katrina. They might have diverted him just as well with a tanning bed. Though I’m not sure the daylight thing is still a thing.

To add insult to injury, Katrina won’t leave. She’s decided to play Abraham/Headless to hold him off, convincing Ichabod that if she leaves with him, Headless would end them in like 5 minutes. Which might be true. So he leaves her to be a spy, unless she’s really playing Ichabod. In any event, she gains Abraham’s trust when he returns to find her untied, yet still there.

sleepyhollows2e2irvingWhile the Franlinkstein arc was unsatisfying, there were some things I liked — mainly Sleepy Hollow’s new Sheriff, Sheriff Reyes. This woman doesn’t mess around. Unfortunately, having no idea what’s really going on (she’s former Border Control, and thinks the dismembered bodies piling up in Sleepy Hollow are caused by some kind of gang not unlike the drug cartels she has experience with), she puts Jenny in jail for illegal weapons possession and strongarms Irving to the point where he winds up almost getting shock treatment at the Tarrytown mental facility. Almost. Just before it’s administered, a new lawyer comes in with an injunction. Good news — except the “New lawyer” is Henry-slash-Ichabod’s son-the Horseman of War. He gives Irving a pen to sign the paperwork, and it pricks his finger, sending his blood into the tip. So Irving signs a contract with the Horseman of War in his own blood, which can’t possibly be good.

The other upside is that Ben Franklin is played by Timothy Busfield, under the direction of Exec Producer Ken Olin. Hey, I got sucked into 30something in the ’90s, and it somehow makes my GenX heart happy.