Get to know the town of Gracepoint

With Gracepoint premiering in a matter of hours, take a few minutes out of your day to get acquainted with the town members who will soon be the main topic of water cooler talk. FOX has released fifteen videos over the last few months helping fans get to know the the actors and characters of Gracepoint, who will be the focus of their Thursday nights for the next ten weeks. The videos last from 1:05 to 2:30 and show each actor talking about his or her character as well as clips from the upcoming season.

Owen Burke (Kevin Zegers)

Born and raised in Gracepoint, Burke works for the local newspaper. After finding out about the murder of Danny Solano, Burke takes advantage of the situation to make a name for himself.


Gemma Fisher (Sarah Jane-Potts)

Fisher is the owner of the local hotel and bar. Unlike most of the Gracepoint community, Fisher is an English import making her an outsider. As news of the murder spreads and guests cancel reservations, Fisher is put in dire straits to keep her hotel afloat.


Emmett Carver (David Tennant)

Detective Emmett Carver is the lead detective on the Danny Solano murder case. New to the small town of Gracepoint, Carver is in many ways an outsider trying to navigate through the local politics. Carver is a right grouch, annoying everyone in his path, including his new partner, Ellie Miller.


Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn)

Ellie Miller is the police officer unlucky enough to be partnered with Detective Carver. After returning from a holiday to Mexico, she expects to be received warmly with her upcoming promotion. That all ends when she arrives to find out that her job has been given to Emmett Carver. Miller strives for justice in the case while navigating her new disgruntled boss.


Renee Clemmons (Jessica Lucas)

Renne is a reporter who has a past with Detective Emmett Carver. She reported on his Rosemont scandal. After seeing his name attached to the murder of Danny Solano, Clemmons follows Carver to Gracepoint to ensure the Solanos get the justice they deserve.


Tom Miller (Jack Irvine)

Tom Miller is the son of Detective Ellie Miller and best friend of murder victim Danny Solano. Distressed over the murder of his friend, he also is trying to stay ahead of his mom with his own secrets to hide.


Susan Wright (Jacki Weaver)

Susan keeps a quiet life, living alone in a trailer with her dog. She enjoys her secrecy despite her involvement with Vince. Due to her proximity to the crime scene she gets whipped up in the murder investigation, despite refusing to cooperate with police.


Vince Novik (Stephen Louis Grush)

Novik not only works for Solano Plumbing, but also has the dual relationship of being Mark’s best friend. He is classified as a faithful individual who is working to support his sick mother, while trying to run from the secrets of his past.


Joe Miller (Josh Hamilton)

Joe is the husband to Detective Miller and very much so her rock in the stormy murder investigation. Once an EMT, he is now a stay at home father to their two sons.


Reverend Paul Coates (Kevin Rankin)

Reverend Coates is the local church preacher with whom the town of Gracepoint searches for solace amid the news and investigation of Danny Solano’s murder. Born and raised in Gracepoint, he left town after high school only to come back and lead the town to Christ.


Dean Iverson (Kendrick Sampson)

Iverson is the secret boyfriend to Chloe Solano. He works at his uncle’s restaurant, among other odd jobs, trying to save money for college.


Chloe Solano (Madalyn Horcher)

Chloe is the sister to the belated Danny Solano. She struggles to make it through high school and finds solace in her boyfriend Dean as she grieves. As an attempt to deal Chloe channels a lot of her anger at her father and the police as they attempt to find who murdered her brother.


Mark Solano (Michael Pena)

Mark is the father of murdered Danny Solano. Owner of the town’s plumbing business he is at the center of the police investigation when his lies begin to unfold. He struggles throughout the investigation to come to terms with his inadequacy to protect his family resulting in Danny’s death.


Beth Solano (Virginia Kull)

Beth is the mother to the deceased Danny and teenage Chloe. Pregnant and married while a teenager, her children have become her life over the last sixteen years. Beth struggles to come to terms with Danny’s death and being the mother of a murder victim.


Jack Reinhold (Nick Nolte)

Reinhold is the owner of the Gracepoint kayak shop. In his free time he teaches the local boys about ocean wildlife. He quickly becomes the focus of the murder investigation due to his tainted past.



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