Supernatural Season 10 Sneak Peek and Spoilers

Supernatural Season 8 Title Banner

Supernatural is entering its tenth season this year and things are going to be very different. Dean Winchester will be showing his darker side as Demon!Dean, but apparently he’s not the only one. TV Line has a sneak peek featuring Sam torturing a female demon, and the clip obviously wants us to see him as more of a monster because of it. However, since Sam, Dean, and every other “good guy” character on the show have taken to torturing demons for information for several years, it’s not as shocking as the writers clearly intended. Take a look:

In addition to this new clip, there’s also a new potential spoiler from E! Online that sounds like the show is bringing back a character we haven’t seen for a long time. Supernatural is casting the role of a seventeen-year-old Claire Novak, described as an “angry teenager” and “punk-rock-pretty.” She’s bounced around from foster home to foster home after the disappearance of her mother (possibly supernatural related) and the death of her father, which has turned her into a tough girl but with a big heart. The article doesn’t mention, however, that there was already a character on the show named Claire Novak. She was Jimmy Novak’s daughter, Jimmy Novak being the human vessel of Castiel. Is this the same Claire? And how will she and Castiel react to one another? The producers have said that Jimmy is long dead, so the vessel is only Cas now and he’s essentially the reason Claire’s father is dead. Oh, and Claire was once possessed by Cas too. That’s going to be one awkward relationship.

Supernatural will premiere on at 9 pm on Tuesday, October 7 on the CW. Also, a retrospective special with new interviews of the executive producers and cast will air Monday, October 6, at 9 pm. What do you think about the sneak peek? What about the latest casting spoiler? Let us know in the comments!