An Evening With Gracepoint

Tuesday night the cast of Gracepoint gathered at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for the official premiere. Fans were treated to the first two episodes of this season, which were followed by a question and answer period. Cast in attendance included David Tennant, Anna Gunn, Virginia Kull, Michael Pena, Jacki Weaver, Kevin Zegers, Kevin Rankin, and Jessica Lucas. Broadchurch show creater Chris Chibnall, who also wrote the first episode of Gracepoint, and executive producer Anya Epstein, were also in attendance for the question and answer period. Other cast members such as Kendrick Sampson, Jack Irvine, Madalyn Horcher, Sarah Jane-Potts, and Stephen Louis Gush were also in attendance.

During the question and answer period three things were made clear. That Chris Chibnall is an amazing show creator, that Gracepoint simply is not a remake, and that they have a fabulous cast ensemble. Producer Anya Epstein began by discussing how unique Gracepoint is, saying “the opportunity to travel as an audience member into the lives of each character is something that’s unusual.” Continuing on she mentioned how talented the writing has to be in order to achieve what Gracepoint does: “it’s a delicate balance of show, but you can only show so much because you have to leave secrets to be revealed down the line,” she said. Anna Gunn (Ellie Miller) concurred, adding “from the first page I was immediately gripped.” The rest of the cast also agreed with this notion: “I first read the script when I read the pilot to audition for the show…I loved it and it was the best thing I had read in a very long time and it got me excited as an actor the way I hadn’t been in a very long time,” admitted Virginia Kull.

In fact, the writing was so phenomenal that Michael Pena didn’t think Gracepoint was for network television, “I read the first two episodes and I called [my agent] back and said is this HBO? And he said it was FOX,” he acknowledged. The repetitive theme that continually popped up was that Gracepoint lets the viewer into a side they rarely see. ­­­­”Everyone has that gap between personal and private and to have a script that allows you to see it all…none of us want to be witnessing our private moments,” David Tennant, said attempting to explain what is so compelling about the show.

Although most of the cast admitted to having watched Broadchurch, they maintain that it did not affect their performances. “It doesn’t mean that you’re affected by the other productions you’ve seen. You’re really up for interpretation,” Jacki Weaver clarified, adding “one percent of Americans saw Broadchurch and the other ninety-nine percent deserve to see it.” Even for Tennant, who had just flown in from filming Broadchurch 2, agreed, noting that it was different for him too: “you just turn up and you try to be as open to whatever scene you’re playing as you possibly can,” he acknowledged. “You just try to react to the things that are happening in front of you because you’ve got this Rolls Royce of a cast around you,” he said of his approach as he complemented his peers.

Chris Chibnall also praised the American cast of Gracepoint, stating how easy it was “to find a great bunch of actors and let them loose on the material.” It was warm words all around, as Kevin Zegers also commended the casting as well, “you get a group of people and you just want to be in that company,” he noted, mentioning that he is a huge Jacki Weaver fan and signed on as soon as he saw her name.

What do you think of the stellar cast Gracepoint has gathered? Leave your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to tune in to Gracepoint when it premieres on Fox October 2 at 9pm EST/PST.