Gracepoint Episode One Preview

Debuting at the Fall Paley Fest, Gracepoint was shown last after the airing of Fox’s Mulaney and Red Band Society and the highly anticipated Gotham. What was definite is the pilot episode kept the audience riveted. Viewers were glued to their seats waiting to see how the American version would pan out. The public screening was met with audience laughter, and had even those who have watched Broadchurch gasping at the surprise changes already apparent.  In fact, the only comment that was heard against Gracepoint was an audience member stating “I wish they would’ve let him keep his Scottish brogue,” referring to star David Tennant’s American accent.

Although the first episode of Gracepoint does closely follow that of the United Kingdom’s Broadchurch, including the main actor, new twists and turns already have viewers wondering where the show will go next. Detective Carver seems more harsh that his UK counterpart Alec Hardy. When meeting his future partner he seems put off and angry to have to deal with the idiots of a small town police force. The American version of Ellie Miller (Anna Gunn) appears to be taking on a different note than Olivia Coleman’s version, although it’s unsure what direction or upheavals face America’s Miller.

Several points were met by laughter throughout the episode, such as when Miller and Carver first meet and he is disgusted that she is a police officer. Also getting laughs was when she is upset and was releasing her anger on a locker when a fellow officer walks by and she pauses to acknowledge him. Another part of humor is when Miller asks Carver not to call her by her last name and is immediately shut down. Michael Pena (Mark Solano) delivers a heartbreaking scene upon seeing the dead body of Danny (Nikolas Filipovic). His performance mirrors that of Broadchurch’s Andrew Buchan, while making it uniquely his own and just as tear jerking. By the end of the first episode you clearly have your preferred suspects in Danny’s death scoped out, and are eager to tune in for the next to see how the story will continue to develop.

Gracepoint premieres on Fox October 2 at 9pm Eastern/Pacific and will continue for ten consecutive weeks. Are you excited to see America’s spin on the UK show that had viewers riveted? Tell us what you think in the comments!