Play It Again, Dick – Episode 1

ryanandkristenToday launches the first episode of the Veronica Mars spin-off series, Play It Again, Dick.  The spin-off stars Ryan Hansen playing both a semi-fictionalized version of himself as well as reprising his Veronica Mars role as Dick Casablancas.

The premise of the series, which can be found here, had me baffled as to how they were going to portray both the spin-off and the behind the scenes storylines but after watching the first episode, it makes a lot more sense.  The episode starts with a cold open of the main titles for Dick Casablancas P.I. that Ryan has put together to show the CW executives and honestly makes the episode worth watching if only to see that.  Lots of typical Dick shenanigans going on with some partying and a cameo by Logan Echolls (Jason Dohring).

The only Veronica Mars alum who is physically featured in this episode – aside from Hansen – is Kristen Bell who played the titular character.

Episode sets up the rest of the series in which Hansen tries to convince his old co-stars to come on board with his project.  There are lots of flaws to making this project happen and while he explains his idea to Kristen (which includes Dick becoming a P.I. with some help of “smart pills” and Keith Mars getting glaucoma), she bluntly points all these out. But, in the end, she concedes and agrees to signing the paperwork saying she’d be willing to help him out with his project. When one of the behind the scenes video crew members asks her why she signed the papers, she replies “I love Ryan like a brother… and there’s no way in hell this thing is getting ordered so why not sign it?”

Little does she know, when Ryan pitches his idea to the CW executives, they ultimately agree to creating a pilot and give him a $50,000 budget as long as he agrees to bring some of his old Veronica Mars pals on board.

The series is off to a good start and somehow captures both the original charm of the series while still being playful and somewhat realistic. The banter between Ryan and Kristen is very genuine and if you have seen other interactions with them, it really could just be the two of them talking to each other in front of a camera with no script. It’ll be interesting when the other characters start coming into play.

You can watch the episode here through CW Seed. Each episode will be released once a week until all eight episodes are posted.