Supernatural Season 10 Promo

Supernatural Season 8 Title Banner

Supernatural will soon begin its tenth season, and it looks like it’s going to be quite different from what we’ve seen before. Last season left off with a cliffhanger that brought some fans exactly what they’ve secretly wanted for years: Demon Dean. Now, how will the show move forward when one of the heroic, apocalypse-stopping Winchesters has been twisted into one of their greatest enemies? With karaoke of course!

The first promo for the new season has been revealed, thanks to Entertainment Weekly, and it gives us the first glimpse of Dean as a demon, or Deanmon, as they say. This new Dean is like an extreme version of himself, with even more women, booze, music, and porn. Sam and Castiel are naturally not too happy about this turn of events, but it’s interesting how Crowley is also not that keen about how things have turned out. He expected Dean to be his lapdog, but Deanmon doesn’t want any of that. Check it out below:

Supernatural will premiere its tenth season on Tuesday, October 7, at 9 p.m. on the CW. Like the trailer? What do you think? Is this what you’d hoped from Demon Dean? Or is it a little too on the douchey side? Let us know in the comments!