Teen Wolf, S4 Ep10 – Monstrous

“Monstrous” indeed, and on so many levels.  It’s the most appropriate adjective at this point in the story.  If this season has proved anything, it’s that the drive of a monster is something found at one’s core.  Killing because you want to be a millionaire is monstrous.  Planting vile and vengeful thoughts in the mind of an innocent girl is monstrous.  Lusting after the blood and pain of another is monstrous, even if it’s something you have no control over.  People are often surprised by what they’re truly capable of when push comes to shove.  Push came to shove this week.  It was gruesome and great.

AssassinThe concept thought up for this season is so impressive on screen.  I know I’ve said this many times, but my doubts were many, and now they’ve pretty much vanished.  Teen Wolf deserves praise for showing audiences that the big, bad wolf isn’t always the one to blame in Beacon Hills.  Dark motivations are found within all of us, and they come in all shapes and sizes.  To turn the tables like they have on this show is incredibly unique and clever.  The dead-pool may be one of the most interesting storylines they’ve ever pursued.  I think the reach of the list fully hit me when the troop of assassins invaded the warehouse to kill all of the werewolves inside.  Who knows how experienced they were with combat, but you knew they were there for the purpose of mass murder and money.  Anyone can be a weapon if they choose to be.  Freakin’ scary, right?  Not to mention fantastic for future story choices on the show.

PeterPeter Hale: You love to hate him and you hate to love him, but you have to admit he has style.  “Monstrous” was a window into the brain of Peter, and what we saw was pretty darn ugly and heinous.  One thing was lost on me, however.  Did he think those thoughts knowing Meredith would be forced to act upon them, or did she just happen to be in the vicinity of a man with rage on his mind?  It’s hard to tell, and Peter doesn’t explicitly admit to anything.  Was it simply one of those serendipitous moments for Peter Hale, or was it all part of a greater plan?  Surely, he would’ve acted out his supreme vengeance soon enough, but the fortunate pawn he found in Meredith made his life much easier.  Either way, I am now satisfied with Meredith’s Benefactor title because they’ve given us an awfully good reason as to why.  An unstable girl carrying out the actions of a madman.  Smart and clean.  I like it.

ScottWhat is happening to Scott McCall?  Hard to say.  The True Alpha is turning a bit sour, and is perhaps becoming more wolf than human.  To be honest, he was the scariest part of “Monstrous.”  Scott has always had a very firm grasp of his humanity.  That is why he is such an amazing leader.  He doesn’t start with the let’s rip out his throat option.  Scott thinks and cares.  He values life.  For the first time, we see Scott – in his True Alpha form – nearly rip a man to shreds.  His face shifts and contorts into something horrifying, and we legitimately fear him.  Of course, the golden boy has to fall down off his pedestal every once in a while.  There’s no fun in an uncomplicated hero.  I’m ready for a shake-up.  Scott should probably check out the True Alpha Manual from the Beacon Hills library.

“Monstrous” gave me everything I needed from Teen Wolf.  They’ve got a good flow going and I’m excited to see what comes next for the gang.  The season finale is nearly here and it’s definitely going to be a doozy.  Peter wants to kill Scott.  We’re riding this wave out.  Buckle up, kiddos.