Extant S1 Ep 11 A New World

John outwits Yasumoto with tea

You know, I’ve kind of enjoyed some of this show, and been at least reasonably entertained by some other parts, but it just isn’t that good, I’m afraid. Pierce Gagnon is terrific, and the main cast is certainly nice to look at. Occasionally, I’m intrigued by the futuristic technology that is part of the world of the show. If it was canceled right now, though, I wouldn’t be sad.

Assuming Ethan isn't Odin's only intended target, I wonder where he wants the bomb to explode?

Assuming Ethan isn’t Odin’s only intended target, I wonder where he wants the bomb to explode?

Anyway, this episode. Molly is still mostly the “My Baby!!!1!” lady, sadly, although at least she demonstrates that she cares a tiny bit about John and Ethan this episode. She still thinks her baby is just a misunderstood scared kid. Thus she ignores the mounting evidence that he/it mostly seems to want to kill everyone, at worst, and enslave everyone in illusions, at best.

I was a little surprised, and therefore a bit impressed, that John was smart enough to trick Yasumoto. Of course, it’s ridiculous the number of times these supposedly smart people fool each other. Neither John nor Ethan are still trapped by Yasumoto at the end, though, which is good. Not so good is that everyone trusts Odin implicitly, which allows him to both continue to make Ethan mistrust his dad, and, oh, just plant a bomb inside Ethan. No big deal. I know they won’t kill off the cute kid, but that’s really the only “tense” part of the episode where I actually felt the tension.

Alien goo

Okay, I suppose if I was dying in a cave I might not be worried about sticking my hand in extraterrestrial goo. *Maybe.*

I can’t say I cared about Yasumoto’s backstory. Most of it had already been pretty clearly telegraphed. Slightly interesting just how long he’s been alive, but otherwise, meh. Unfortunately, Yasumoto is pretty boring overall. It’s one thing for him to be inscrutable, but he never shows any emotion at all. It might have been more compelling, for example, if he seemed sad that he lost his family because of the mining accident. But he might as well have been reading a shopping list for all he appeared to care.

Glad Enver Gjokaj continues to get more screentime. And I have no clue what will come of grown-up Katie Sparks still apparently being alive, after all. Unless she’s an illusion, too, in which case – that would be annoying.

Are we supposed to think that the Offspring killed Anya Sparks at the end, perhaps because she’s outlived her usefulness? And are they going to wait until the very last moment of the show to actually show us what Molly’s baby looks like? More importantly, will I have any interest left by that point? Time will tell, I suppose.

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