New Supernatural Season 10 Promotional Poster

Supernatural will soon be starting its tenth season. Not many shows can say that, now can they? So what do you think the first promotional poster for this monumental season should look like?

Well, you can take a look at the official one below, which features all four main cast members:

Supernatural season 10 promo poster featuring Dean, Sam, Castiel, Crowley

The hands grabbing at the Winchester brothers from some dark pit is pretty chilling, but mostly this poster is underwhelming and a slapdash Photoshop effort. I’ve seen far better ones done by fans, but at least it has a clever tagline–“Wrestle your demons”–which will no doubt refer to a more physical rather than mental wrestling since Dean has become a demon himself.

Supernatural will premiere on Tuesday, October 7, on the CW. What do you think of the poster? Let us know in the comments!