Defiance, S2 Ep13 – I Almost Prayed

Many issues are resolved as some new ones arise in this second part of Defiance‘s two-part season finale, entitled “I Almost Prayed”. The first part of the season finale, “All Things Must Pass”, saw Stahma and Datak officially get back together and Irisa beginning the terraforming of Earth, starting with New York City. Poor New York City is destroyed within the first minute of the episode, but certain characters in Defiance have more to worry about as Rafe’s ex-wife Pilar (Linda Hamilton) shows her true colors.

Defiance - Season 2

Linda Hamilton as Pilar McCawley

Pilar, who was only introduced last week in “Bottom of the World”, spends the first half of this episode reuniting with her now imprisoned ex-husband and her daughter, Christie. We can assume Pilar is truly back to normal and not crazy like she used to be, but the show wanted to add a little more drama to the lives of its characters, despite there being an apocalypse on the way. We aren’t given too much information on Pilar, so we don’t know why she orchestrates the kidnapping of her daughter and Alak (who weren’t happy about Datak’s return) or why her son is even going along with it. I can’t say I appreciated this story arc all that much, as it distracts from the much more compelling arc involving Irisa. All that being said, I hope the show gets picked up for another season so we can see just where Pilar plans on taking Christie and Alak. Also, guest star Linda Hamilton is just as good as she’s ever been.

Twice during this season Nolan has been asked by two separate characters whether or not he would be able to sacrifice his daughter if need be. He never did answer, but in this episode we finally see what he’d do if ever faced with such a predicament. I appreciate the show building that idea up previous episodes and then following through in the season finale. When Doc Yewll returns to Defiance she comes up with a plan to stop Irisa from terraforming the planet. Unfortunately, that plans leads to Irisa’s demise, which Nolan is not having. Amanda, knowing Nolan would never agree to this operation, takes initiative and has Nolan detained.

Fortunately, Nolan escapes and initiates his own plan to reunite Irisa with Mordecai, since their past selves were the ones who crash landed the ark so many years ago. Together they’re able to share the Kaziri tech inside Irisa, giving Irisa control of herself and leading them to stopping the terraformation and saving the world. The resolution sounds downright ridiculous when you think about it, but it played out well on screen. While I remained unsure of the fate of Mordecai, Irisa and Nolan were left stuck in the cave-in that resulted from stopping Kaziri.

Defiance - Season 2

Datak and Stahma together again

“I Almost Prayed” had a satisfying conclusion. The episode concluded with Stahma, Datak, and Rafe chasing down Pilar. Nolan and Irisa were saved, but remain underground asleep in a storage pod. Those were the only two subplots left dangling with no real end result, but hopefully the show gets picked up for a third season and Nolan and Irisa will get back to driving and singing country music together. Another notable development in “I Almost Prayed” was Doc Yewll removing her EGO implant to get rid of her hallucination of her dead wife, which was a bitter end to that relationship. On the plus side (well, at least for Pottinger) Pottinger and Amanda end up getting together. Yuck.

Overall, “I Almost Prayed” was a solid finale to a season that far surpasses its preceding one. I wasn’t all that interested in the subplot involving Pilar, but the main plot involving Irisa and Nolan saving the world was quite enjoyable and made up for it. The conclusion was open ended and left plenty of questions to be answered in the following season. Irisa seems to forgive herself for killing Tommy, but will she have to face the consequences of her crimes if she ever returns to Defiance? Where is Pilar taking Christie and Alak? Will Rafe and the Tarrs save them? How will Datak and Stahma’s equal partnership affect Defiance? Will it even last? Lastly, will Amanda ever learn she can’t actually trust Pottinger? So many questions that need to be addressed. The show can’t end without these being answered. I’m currently crossing my fingers hoping Defiance gets picked up for a third season. Are you? Feel free to let us know your thoughts on Defiance‘s second season in the comments.

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