Extant S1 Ep 9 – Care And Feeding

Hallucination Baby

Well. I have even less idea where this show is actually headed than I thought. I’d say that was promising except I’m also more afraid that the climax is going to make no sense than I was to begin with.

Hallucination Katie

Insert E.T. “Ouch!” joke here.

So we pick up our next two-hour chunk directly where we left off with the last one, with Sparks being led around by a hallucination (we assume) of his daughter, this time in the form of a little girl. She convinces him to take the Offspring out of the building and go on the run. They go to a campsite where the family used to hang out, and Sparks proceeds to kill the friendly campsite owner and “feed” the Offspring the minds or souls or something of several other people. His even calls his ex-wife to come join them in this gruesome vacation. I’ve never had a child, but I’d like to think these two are also a bit mind-controlled themselves, or they wouldn’t be quite so blasé about killing and at least seriously damaging so many people in order to have their daughter back. Or, actually, something they know isn’t even really their daughter.

In the meantime, Molly escapes from the basement where she was trapped. She seems cool and capable and stuff, until she meets the very creepy scientist Yasumoto brings, ostensibly to help her find her baby. And then she just goes along with the dude, all but ignoring John and Ethan for most of the (extra-long) episode.

The flashback to the car accident that killed Marcus and caused her to lose her actual baby was genuinely sad, and well-acted. And it did set up Molly’s own mind-control scene very well – in case we wouldn’t have already known something was very wrong when Sam told her that Marcus and the baby had both survived the accident. It’s too bad that Molly’s purpose now seems to be the “My baby!!!11!” mother. As a plot-line, that gets old really fast. It’s especially boring since we still haven’t even seen the Offspring, just its POV and the hallucinations it creates.

Ethan plays with fire

Ethan, to coin a phrase, plays with fire.

Ethan is now fast friends with Odin, to the point of listening to him when he tells the kid to put his hand in fire. I’m sure that won’t be a big problem later or anything, now that he believes Odin knows better than his dad. Last we see him in the episode, he and Odin have escaped, apparently, from Yasumoto – possibly with Femi Dodd’s knowledge. Since she and Odin are part of the same anti-robot club, that can’t be good.

I’m sure we’ll have a clearer picture of what command mind-controlled Molly sent to the Seraphim next week. I fear that Enver Gjokaj’s character’s days are numbered. Not really going to miss Harlan, though, although his brief buddy cop adventure with Kern was diverting.

What did you think? Is the two-hour format increasing your enjoyment? Let us know below.