‘Reign’ crowns a new princess for Season 2

Reign has crowned a new princess for its upcoming second season. Rose Williams, an up and coming British actress, haROSE-WILLIAMSs been cast as a recurring character on the show. Her part? Williams will be playing Princess Claude, the royal daughter to Catherine de Medici and former King Henry, not to mention the sister to now King Francis.

But just because Claude shares blood with Catherine, doesn’t mean she’s going to be fond of her. In fact, according to The CW, it’s quite the opposite.

“Claude is a glorious troublemaker who sees other women primarily as competition, and delights in making one woman’s life a living hell: her mother’s.” 

Judging from this brief summary of Claude, it’s safe to say she could be one of the villains the cast has teased about in multiple interviews.

Personally, I think fans will love to hate her (or just love her).

The introduction of Williams’ and earlier announced Sean Teale’s, Conde, will occur this season, with the premiere airing October 2nd, 2014!