Teen Wolf, S4 Ep9 – Perishable

Perishable Parrish?  No way, dude.  This deputy does not go down without a fight.  Seriously, a legitimate I think I might kill you fist fight occurs.  He walks into the police station and beats the living crap out of Deputy Haigh.  Parrish is lightly charred, but still kicking, my friends.  An explanation for his condition is in the cards for us.  Man, what an opener!  “Perishable” didn’t start off with a bang.  I’d say it was more of a bonfire, which happens to be a running theme in this episode.  There are a few complaints bouncing around in my noggin, but my reaction to “Perishable” was positive for the most part.  It’s the kind of episode you should probably watch twice, just to make sure you catch all of the details.  Round 2 is definitely a plan for me.

LydiaLet’s start off with the newest addition: Lorraine.  I’m kind of sad she’s actually dead (not that anyone is ever permanently buried in this town) because they weave a REALLY cool story for her.  She’s essentially driven to insanity by her own supernatural abilities.  Gives a whole new meaning to “mad with power,” am I right?  Lorraine’s lover dies in a way that she predicts, and from that point on she tries to understand her powers using every possible method.  They even use Meredith as a guinea pig once they discover she has the same mysterious abilities.  Clearly, these tests were less than kind to Meredith’s mental stability.  After these experiments break her, she is sent to the ever so lovely Eichen House.  Lorraine Martin was a complicated woman.  You can’t hate her for what she did because she’s still a warm (yet tormented) person, even after all of her wrongdoings.  She reads Lydia stories and calls her Ariel.  As we listen to her dying wish on Brunski’s cassette tape, she asks for her beloved granddaughter not to be harmed.  Honestly, Lorraine sounds like a fascinating person, and I think I would watch a show about her.  I’m not encouraging a spin-off, but I give Teen Wolf credit for making her so solid and real for the audience.

Mason and LiamBack to crowding around the bonfire!  The second one left me with questions.  Music as a weapon?  Pretty neat idea, except for the fact that the writers don’t feel the need to explain themselves.  Why do these tunes in particular have this effect on were-things?  I’ve got nothing, but they still managed to set everything up in an extremely fun way.  When Scott notices that Liam and Malia are capable of getting “drunk,” he knows something must be terribly wrong.  He soon feels the negative effects of what the DJ is laying down and tries to stop him before it’s too late.  If we could have gotten Deaton on the case somehow, I would have felt a lot more comfortable with this course of events.  It was cool, for sure, but explanations are important.  You can’t throw out nutty happenings and expect us to blindly accept them.  For this reason, I can say it was ultra rad, but I can’t say it was on point.

MeredithWith “Perishable,” we officially discover the identity of the Benefactor.  Yeah, kind of a big deal.  I can’t say I’m all too happy with the conclusion at this point, but there’s no denying it: the winner is Meredith.  Our Eichen House banshee is the famed Benefactor.  They haven’t given me enough time with her, so this reveal seems a little unfounded, but I’m sure they will explain her reasoning very soon.  If they don’t, this will be an awfully disappointing way of wrapping up all that’s happened so far.  It doesn’t feel like a sturdy unveiling.  Not enough backbone to it.

I hope the next episode finds a way of properly bringing all the facts together so they make complete sense.  That extra step is all I need from this story.  Meredith being the Benefactor is fine by me, just as long as they make the effort to make her undoubtedly believable.  They’ll have to provide viewers with a heaping pile of answers.  HELP ME BELIEVE, Teen Wolf!