‘Parks and Rec’ season 6 gag reel released

Parks and Rec season 6 promo photoThe seventh and final season of NBC’s Parks and Recreation won’t air until sometime in early 2015. It’s fitting perhaps that the show is ending the same way it began, with a midseason premiere, but for us die-hard Parks and Rec fans, it means less time to spend with our favorite residents of Pawnee, IN, and a longer wait until we do get to see them again.

NBC, of course, has come up with a solution to this problem. On August 20, the official Parks and Rec YouTube account released the season six gag reel, which opened with the disclaimer, “This Gag Reel is incredibly profane” – and delivered on that promise. Formatted like an episode of the show, complete with opening credits where every cast member is given a Lil’ Sebastian makeover, and a commercial for Tom’s Bistro, it is full of laughs from beginning to end. Could we ask for anything else? Perhaps all this attention is due to star Chris Pratt’s rising fame with this summer’s blockbuster hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy, but no matter why this gem has been released, it’s a gift for all fans during the final hiatus.

Watch the gag reel here.