Extant S1 Ep7 – More In Heaven And Earth

Bullies and bikes

In this week’s two-hour ‘special event’… quite a lot of things happen. I’ll see if I can hit all the highlights.

Kryger, Molly, and Kern plot to steal the baby

Even with Kern’s help, this security is pretty sad for letting them get as far as they did in their mission.

Molly’s back to being besties with Sam, who has apparently decided she can be a kind of double agent pretending to work with Sparks while still protecting Molly. (A reasonable choice, considering how useless Sparks has been at actually keeping his secrets.) Molly wants Sam’s help making Sparks sweat, because of how much she knows about the previous mission where his daughter died, her own pregnancy, etc. She gets help from an unexpected source: Kern, Sparks’ second-in-command, is having second thoughts about all this and is working against Sparks (also still doing drugs). That’s a lot of switching sides going on.

Meanwhile, Ethan continues to surprise: he knows Japanese, although he can’t explain how he knows. He learns to ride a bike basically as soon as he sits down on it. And when John, worried that his android son can’t possibly act human if he keeps this up, tries to manually slow him down at the programming level, Ethan locks him out. Obviously, that isn’t supposed to be possible, either. But only John and Femi Dodd (who is in a relationship with Yasumoto, as was hinted before) seem bothered by this. Everyone else seems to favor a “wait and see” approach. Seeing as how there seems to be no other option, that turns out to make sense.

Molly eventually decides that what she really wants, now that Kern will help, is to see the baby. The baby has his own ideas, involving getting out of the tank he’s currently being held in. Still, despite it seeming to want to make contact with Molly, too, Kryger has a point when he continues to emphasize how alarming most of its actions have been. I don’t think I’d want to step into the chamber with a baby that somehow got out and killed everyone in the room right before I showed up, if I were her. That is, if it’s even in baby form anymore – I’m guessing not.

Sparks crosses the line into crazyland. He appears to think that Molly could be a danger to the baby – where he got this idea, we don’t know. He orders Kern to “take care” of her, and when that doesn’t work, at the end of the episode, he seems to have shot her. It’s probably not her, though, given that a) this show is all about Halle Berry, and b) “Molly” then turns into his dead daughter. And after that she stands up and tells him that “he” needs their help.

Odin thinks technology is swallowing our souls

Surprise! Odin’s eeevil! And so is Annie Wersching’s character, sadly.

We’re left with a bit of a cliffhanger: we don’t know what actually happened to Molly, Kryger, and Kern. We don’t know where John is, except that he is trying to save his wife. We don’t know whether Odin, Julie’s highly suspicious boyfriend, is going to try to hurt Ethan while he’s at the Woods’ house. Hopefully we get some answers next week.

What about you? Would you be sad if this show is canceled, which is looking somewhat likely? Tell us in the comments.