Under the Dome, S2 Ep8 – Awakening

Under the Dome is now seriously OUT of the Dome.  Half of the action, at least for the time being, is going to take place outside of the torturous, sometimes-protective bubble.  While Big Jim struggles to keep hold of the controlling reins this time around, Barbie struggles to find his way back to the town he fell out of, driven by the desire to help the ones he loves.  This dynamic makes things complicated, but it is a decent fit for the normal chaos of the show.  They’ve basically split the plot right down the middle like an ax to a piece of wood.  Half is staying on its usual, bumpy course, and the other half is veering off in a completely new, bumpier direction.  This fresh take is what Under the Dome needed.  What happens to the people outside of the Dome?  How do they react, and how is the government handling this new phenomenon?  Its global impact has to be of astronomical proportions.  How will the inhabitants of Chester’s Mill react when they realize they have a man on the outside?  It’s a whole new box of goodies for the audience and a fantastic way of shaking things up.  You don’t have to stay true to the title to stay true to the story.

Barbie and HunterWe’ve been introduced to Hunter, and young man is currently employed by Mr. Barbara because his only other option was imprisonment (we’ve got a lovely hacker on our hands).  Hunter is pretty quick on the uptake. and he will most definitely be a neat addition to the cast.  We also discover that Barbie’s dad has something mysterious planned concerning the Dome.  The end goal could be any number of things, but one thing is for certain: he knows about the egg.  How?  Not a clue, but Mr. Barbara has been spying on his estranged son for a while now, so he gets plenty of creeper points.  Doesn’t Brett Cullen just look the part, though?  When I envision the mogul of an enterprise, his face fits the bill perfectly.  My guess is if he knows about the egg and wants it enough to send a false e-mail to his son’s girlfriend, there’s much more to this egg than meets the eye.  Of course, we were already aware of that, but now it’s a very real possibility that Mr. Barbara knows much more about it than we do.  It’s not even fair.  He just got to the party and he knows more than me.  What a turd.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like the guy.  It’s nice having a villainous character who isn’t completely transparent.  He’s already giving off a formidable bad guy vibe.  Better than Big Jim, anyway.

Big JimSpeaking of the bald menace, he was right for once.  It actually was all about him.  Phil Bushey is identified as the culprit, and he left that trail of signs for Big Jim because he didn’t appreciate being kicked to the curb like the pawn he was.  Phil nearly kills him before Junior walks in and saves that piece of crap, and then it gets so much worse.  It’s official.  Big Jim knows Barbie has made it out of the Dome.  It’s not easy to guess at what he might possibly do with that delicate information, but whatever it is, it won’t be pleasant.  If he tells Chester’s Mill there’s a way out of the Dome, the people will panic and try to find a way out.  If we know Big Jim, and I think we do, that will be the last thing he’d ever want to happen.  He’d rather keep them in the Dome and continue to run for governor of his own little state.  If anything, I wouldn’t be surprised if he decides to pump Julia for details so he can find a way to block off the escape route out of the Dome.  We have the unknown variable of the mysterious red door, but we don’t know where that leads to yet.  For now, I will simply assume Big Jim wants to keep everyone prisoner forever.  It’s a logical conclusion.

BarbieOkay, guys.  We can talk about the action hero now.  Barbie sneaks into his father’s office and accesses classified e-mails with the help of Hunter, the wonder boy.  He also goes undercover as a radiation specialist and infiltrates the military perimeter currently surrounding the Dome.  He uses his ninja skills and throws himself underneath the truck and manages to clamp himself on to the undercarriage.  I’m just insanely impressed with his character at the moment.  Zenith has shown us a whole new side of Dale Barbara.  To make it even better, he sneaks past countless dangers for love.  Yeah, I know it’s completely sappy, but I don’t care.  He goes through a ton of effort to show Julia he’s still alive.  What a leading man.  He’s worthy of our praise.

“Awakening” had its bright and dark points.  They could have put more time into the interactions between Pauline, Sam, and Lyle.  Their dialogue felt a tad hollow to me.  Can’t be sure if it’s how they were written or the way they were acting it, but it left me feeling unsatisfied and I so desperately want this relatively new gang to have more shine.  Other than that, this installment was good fun.  Not fun for the characters, but definitely for me.