Teen Wolf, S4 Ep8 – Time of Death

Let us imagine the supernatural town of Beacon Hills without Scott McCall for just one moment… ahhh, never mind!  I take it back!  That was a freakin’ awful suggestion!  Why did you guys let me do that?  Phew!  Good thing the pack’s plan was a wonderful little hoax and we’ll never have to live with the horror of losing our favorite wolf boy. *crossing fingers and toes* “Time of Death” was insane and Teen Wolf is most definitely becoming a family affair.  We’ve got moms, dads, evil fathers, coyote mothers, and dead grandmothers… back from the dead… maybe… ?  Beacon Hills is getting weird, yo.  I believe it’s a good weird.  This episode stirred the mystery pot quite a bit.  Teen Wolf provides us with new discoveries and simultaneously digs us deeper into a big ol’ bucket of what the crap.  Are they pulling it off?  Oh, yeah, dude.  Oh, yeah.

Stiles and ArgentFor a split second, I thought Scott had transformed into an unbelievable mega jerk.  Refraining from telling his own mother about the fake death plan to draw out the Benefactor would have been a serious strike against him.  Of course, when has Scott ever truly disappointed me.  Little did I know that MAMA MCCALL IS SO HARDCORE.  What a champ!  Melissa Ponzio, you are doing this character justice, and I thank you for that.  Holy buns, was that cry of despair intense or what.  At this point in the series, the writers have made all of the parents stronger in every possible way, Mama McCall being no exception.  They’ve come to terms with who their children are, and they’ve chosen to grow accordingly.  Even Papa Argent, who no longer has a child in the pack, steps up his game.  Mrs. Yukimura is severely injured by a Berserker.  They’re in the mix now to defend their children and to help them make the important decisions.  I love that the parental units are in the know now.  It adds another level.  We have a pack and advisors, almost like a pack council.  This episode also sends out a very powerful message about what makes a supportive parent.  That being said, parents, I understand if you’d rather not be brutally attacked by Berserkers and were-jaguars.  Aren’t you lucky I don’t live in Beacon Hills?

Liam, Stiles, Kira“Time of Death” helped me cope with the Stiles/Malia divide because I soon realized that they’re probably going to get back together in the future.  When she speaks with Stiles, it’s not in a hateful tone.  What Malia needs now is time, especially after discovering her real mother is out there somewhere (possibly).  I mean, can we ever fully trust Peter Hale?  If it really is her, I do enjoy the fact that she is known as the “Desert Wolf.”  With Malia’s fiery nature, I hope her mother’s is nearly double.  And I would certainly enjoy Stiles’ first awkward meet-the-mom session.  “Hello!  Hi!  Nice to meet you… um… uh… Malia’s mom.”  Priceless.

DerekEveryone’s been talking about the identity of the famed Benefactor.  Scott’s idea hadn’t even occurred to me, which is fantastic because I don’t like easily predictable shows.  The idea that the culprit behind it all may be a banshee is brilliant.  His theory is direct and clear.  The Benefactor did not show up to claim Scott’s body.  Therefore, the Benefactor must have concretely known that Scott would not die that night.  I definitely haven’t ruled out Peter, though I’m fairly positive he’s not a banshee on top of being a werewolf.  However, he is working with Kate who was behind the theft of Derek’s powers.  Wonder how Derek will feel when he discovers that bit of information.  By the end of this installment, we are told that Lydia’s grandmother may still be alive and if she is, she’s totally a banshee.  Personally, I’m always down for more banshees.  After viewing “Time of Death,” it’s fair to assume many of the episodes to come will be devoted to locating long lost relatives.  Journeys to find new characters are always great to witness.  It means Teen Wolf  won’t let things get stale.

Season 4 makes me want to cry tears of joy.  All of the characters are blooming like flowers in a pretty cool garden.  Teen Wolf has suffered through cast departures, but you wouldn’t know it because this show has fought through those losses with a vengeance.  This latest chapter was a battle won.