Extant S1 Ep6 – Nightmare

Ethan's decryption

I read a recent review of this show that described it as lacking suspense. It’s true that although supposedly exciting things happen from week to week on the show, there is a certain odd lack of tension. Still, at least I’m not usually distracted by that feeling while I watch. I only notice it afterward while I’m pondering the episodes.

It might actually be creepier if the alien didn't announce its presence clearly.

It might actually be creepier if the alien didn’t announce its presence so clearly.

Anyway, the plot thickens this week in a number of areas. First, it appears that Molly’s alien baby is a dangerous force – the baby directly causes one of the people involved in its care to kill another guy on the team. It does so by making him hallucinate a dead friend who wants the other guy killed. It also temporarily burns that same mysterious circle symbol into his skin.

It turns out that symbol was broadcast to Molly’s friend Kryger while he was in space, and Ethan remembers seeing it on Molly’s belly while she was pregnant, too. Furthermore, Kryger steals security footage from another ISEA mission. After Ethan magically decrypts the footage, it turns out that this symbol was appearing on people in that mission, coinciding with them going crazy and killing each other. These people included Sparks’ daughter. She was pregnant in the same way Molly was, complete with symbol on her belly – before presumably dying with the rest of the crew.

Another criticism of this show I’ve read is that Sparks and the rest of the people behind this conspiracy aren’t very competent. I thought of that particularly this week when Gordon, Sparks’ second-in-command, goes to some weird drug den and allows Kryger to copy his fingerprints. That’s how Kryger is able to break into the ISEA and steal the old mission footage. I think this quotation from Sparks to Gordon sums up both how dumb Gordon was to let it happen, and how ridiculously ineffective this conspiracy seems to be: “Damn it, Gordon, you’re supposed to be head of security. You can’t be the security breach!” Penetrating insight, there. (And stunningly clever dialogue, too.)

Oh yes, and there was also more Ethan development: he had a nightmare, presumably related to what happened to him in the woods. This is not supposed to be possible, though, as it would have had to be programmed in and it was not. Julie tries to talk to John both about that and about her outburst in last week’s episode, but he blows her off to go meet with Molly. So instead she flirts with a guy named Odin who has a bionic arm and seems perhaps overly interested in Ethan.

Enver Gjokaj guest stars

Hey, another awesome guest star – Enver Gjokaj! I <3 him.

The episode ends with Sparks going to the alien baby’s room and demanding, “Show her to me.” He then sees a hallucination of his daughter when she was younger. I’m not sure whether that’s just supposed to show Sparks’ human side, or hint at a relationship between the baby and Sparks. Perhaps it simply shows Sparks is already crazy.

Any theories for what might be coming next? Let us know in the comments.