EXCLUSIVE: SDCC – ‘Legends’ Talent talks about their new show & your chance to win a #DontKillSeanBean T-shirt

Tonight marks the premiere of TNT’s newest series, Legends; a drama based on the work of master spy novelist Robert Littell, and starring Sean Bean. Bean plays Mark Odum, a man who is a chameleon,able to fully assimilate himself into the cover stories he’s assigned to help him infiltrate crime syndicates, terrorist organizations, and drug rings. The series asks the question, which is the real identity when one spends so much of their life living one of these lives? Living as a “Legend”.

We sat down with writers Howard Gordon and David Wilcox, and actors Ali Larter (Crystal McGuire), Morris Chestnut (Tony Rice), and Tina Majorino (Maggie Harris) at this years San Diego Comic Con to discuss the series.

Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Legends is the question of moral ambiguities apparent in the role of living a life as a character meant to be a bad person; someone who may commit morally reprehensible acts with the idea of bringing down a greater evil. But does the ends really justify the means? “This is a guy who undercover has to do some questionable things, and so who he is, there’s a moral aspect to it as well. Is he a good man? Is he a bad man? Is he responsible for what he does undercover or does he get a pass because technically he’s supposed to be a bad guy,” queries Wilcox.

For Majorino, the thing that excites her most about the show is the question of who are we really? “We all as human beings question ourselves all the time,” she says. “We’re not always 100% sure, and so sometimes you question who you are. And so within these circumstances these characters are in, that question is heightened because how do you not lose yourself?

The story will follow a series of small arcs for Odum’s characters. His nefarious ‘Legends’ won’t just appear in one episode, they’ll be maintained so that Odum can continue to infiltrate the crime rings he’s attempting to thwart.

Ali Larter plays Crystal McGuire, a sort of inter office nemesis for Bean’s Odum who is at odds with his more carefree attitude of doing what he needs to do to get the job done. Larter said of her character that “one of the things that really drew me to her and made me want to be a part of the show was to play someone who chose her career and passion for her work over a family and living a normal life. She’s someone who thrives on putting herself into the line of fire, and following the rules. She believes that if you follow the rules there’s less of a chance of a mistake.”

Morris Chestnut, whose Tony Rice doesn’t appear till the second series, is an outsider in the story – to contrast the interdepartmental relationships Odum has established with Larter’s McGuire and Majorino’s Harris.

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To help promote the series, TNT have taken an unusual, but fun, tactic and have been pushing the hashtag #DontKillSeanBean – referring of course to the many on screen deaths Bean has endured over the years. Thanks to the promotional crew at TNT, we have a chance for one lucky winner to take home their very own #DontKillSeanBean t-shirt, as shown in the photo by Sean Bean himself.

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Legends premieres on TNT on 13th August.

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