Arrested Development Will Return…Eventually

Full cast of Arrested Development in a shipping container

Arrested Development interactive posterArrested Development will return! Eventually!

Last year, it was revealed that Mitchell Hurwitz was in negotiations with Netflix to bring the series back for another season. While the fourth season of the cult hit was received with mixed reviews, fans were still demanding more. Now we have further confirmation that another season is in the works, but the details are vague and lacking in things like a plot or release date or any sort of timetable at all.

This confirmation of Arrested Development‘s return comes from Will Arnett, who plays GOB Bluth. He said on The Tonight Show that “It’s going to happen. We don’t know when, but it is going to happen.” This says very little other than the fact that everyone is on board, and while that’s good to know, this sort of vague confirmation of the show’s return in some form has been reiterated time and again over the years since its initial cancellation. So while this is news to celebrate, we probably won’t be seeing the Bluth family return to our screens any time soon (prove me wrong, Hurwitz, please prove me wrong!).

Are you excited for another season of Arrested Development? What do you hope the new season will focus on? Let us know in the comments!