Warner Bros. Announces New Release Dates for ‘Batman v Superman’ and 9 Other DC Films

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice - Logo Hi-res
Batman v Superman - Superman

Henry Cavill as Superman

It appears DC/Warner Bros. has caved. It was revealed a few months ago that DC would go head-to-head with Marvel, having both set their theatrical release dates for Batman v Superman and Captain America 3 on May 6, 2016. Many were waiting for one of these studios to back out of this competition, and now it seems Warner Bros. has. The studio has pushed up the release date of their upcoming Zack Snyder-directed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from May 6 to March 25, 2016. This would be the second time Warner Bros. has reset the release date for this film.

While a little competition may seem like a fun idea, having these two colossal films release on separate dates may prove beneficial for both companies. For example, if Marvel were to outdo DC with Captain America 3, they still wouldn’t make as much money as they could have, being that a good chunk of their potential audience might choose Batman v Superman over them.

In addition to this not-so-surprising news update, Deadline is also reporting a slew of potential release dates for several other WB films, nine of which being DC related. The upcoming release dates differ immensely from the rumored release dates revealed by reporter Nikki Finke months ago. Take a look:

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – 03/25/16
  • Untitled DC Film – 08/05/16
  • Untitled DC Film – 06/23/17
  • Untitled DC Film – 11/17/17
  • Untitled DC Film – 03/23/18
  • Untitled Warner Animated Film – 05/25/18
  • Untitled DC Film – 07/27/18
  • Untitled WB Event Film – 11/16/18
  • Untitled DC Film – 04/05/19
  • Untitled Warner Animated Film – 05/24/19
  • Untitled DC Film – 06/14/19
  • Untitled DC Film – 04/03/20
  • Untitled DC Film – 06/19/20
  • Untitled WB Event Film – 11/20/20

Of course, like Batman v Superman, these release dates are most likely subject to change. We already know one of these dates will see the release of Warner Bros.’ long awaited Justice League movie and the Joseph Gordon-Levitt produced Sandman. The rest are anybody’s guess. Wonder Woman? Shazam? We’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, enjoy some new set photos and a video of Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne from the set of Batman v Superman below, and feel free to let us know your thoughts on Warner Bros.’ movie plans in the comments.

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