Under the Dome, S2 Ep6 – In the Dark

From the locker to the basement to the tunnel, the real darkness didn’t lie in the upstairs world for “In the Dark.”  Well, maybe in Big Jim’s heart because it’s black and conniving, but we knew that already, didn’t we?  Under the Dome took some unexpected twists and expected turns.  This week, we ventured even further beneath the Dome and looked to the sky for fear of losing our collective breath.  They keep thinking up new ways of making horrific events come to pass.  Julia has faith in the Dome’s plan and believes it will eventually save them all, but I must admit I have severely doubted that after seeing some of the horrors it has brought to the people of Chester’s Mill.  That being said, we turn to three concepts meant to advance any plot: friendship, betrayal, and death.  Yeah, it was that kind of episode.

Under the Dome, S2 Ep6 -- Norrie and JoeAre Pine and Julia new gal pals?  It seems to be the case.  Pine is capable of much more depth than I originally anticipated.  She’s evolved from a person who saw only the science in people to a person who fully realizes right from wrong.  Julia?  Right.  Big Jim? Wrong.  You get the picture.  She genuinely trusts Julia, and I think it will be kind of neat to watch an adult friendship develop.  If you haven’t noticed yet, it’s not very common for the main characters to be involved in relationships that are anything other than sexual or scheming.  They should keep with this one, though.  Letting it fall by the wayside would mean losing something valuable and unique.  The kids, on the other hand, have both friendship and romance out their butts.  For the first time, I questioned Melanie’s motives.  Getting intimate with Junior so soon was a bit much, but maybe it was done on purpose to make us unsure of her character.  If so, mission accomplished.  It’s too early to say she’s manipulative, but she does have a way of commanding a room.  That may just be a result of coming back from the dead, though.  It’s a big deal, I guess.

Big JimBig Jim… what a poop.  A big, stinkin’ poop.  I mean, WHEN DOES IT END, MAN?  He’s just annoying at this point.  Oh, no.  Another plan to win over the hearts of the people.  Total domination of Chester’s Mill.  How original.  Big Jim wants the power he never had, but I’m tired of this one-trick pony.  I understand the role he’s playing and its place in this universe, but I am getting a little tired of watching it.  He’s uninteresting because he’s been plotting the same plot from the beginning.  Every time I think Big Jim is changing, it turns out he’s not changing in the slightest.  Maybe his goals can stay the same, but he should at least have a different way of accomplishing them.  This guy is like the mustache-twirling fiend who always ties up the girl on the same train track.  For me to stay engaged with his story line, he has to be less obvious.  Otherwise, I’m going to write Big Jim off as a villain permanently.

Barbie and SamSAM IS DEAD.  He was the most intriguing murderer on the show and now he’s gone.  I’m not okay.  He was smart and layered and dynamic… and I’m really not okay.  This is a huge loss for Under the Dome, but he was a perfect flash in the pan, wasn’t he?  Better he’s written off before he’s warped in any unfortunate way.  He will be missed.  Who do I have now?  Lyle?  Clearly, Big Jim isn’t in the running.  Help him out, writers.  Make him the baddie I need him to be.  He’s got potential, but Big Jim needs better tools.  If you can’t provide him with what he needs, let’s hope the bottomless pit spits Sam back out.

This episode is great (minus my Big Jim qualms).  I’m ready for him to be the notorious kingpin Chester’s Mill deserves… or doesn’t deserve?  Both?  Yeah, both, in a so bad he’s good kind of way.  Leave me eager to see what he’ll do next.  Big Jim, Under the Dome needs the new and improved you.  Get on it, brotha!