Teen Wolf, S4 Ep7 – Weaponized

As we have the Benefactor, so do we have the Chemist.  The Chemist… does not last very long.  However, his actions set off a string of events that can only be achieved in a quarantined high school full of our favorite beasties.  His variant of canine distemper is nearly successful in decimating the supernatural youth of Beacon Hills, but he doesn’t clean up like he should.  He leaves clues, and these clues inevitably lead to his downfall.  It’s a harsh downfall.  He kind of dies.  Anyway, “Weaponized” changes our victims and perpetrators, so in the aftermath, let’s see who’s a weapon.  People/werewolves can be locked and loaded too.

CDCWe still don’t know who the Benefactor is.  What we do know is he/she wants all manner of friendly shape-shifters dead.  This means all werewolves, were-coyotes, kitsunes, and banshees.  You name it, the Benefactor will murder it, or at least try to.  “Weaponized” tells me this baddie is getting desperate.  It started out with hired teenage assassins.  Picking off victims one at a time was working well enough, but the Benefactor is getting impatient, so what does the mastermind do?  The clear course of action is to hire a chemist to eliminate some of the more valuable targets on his list.  This tells me the boss is getting impatient, because drawing attention from the general public to kill these supernatural beings is worth it.  As a result of impatience, will the Benefactor start making mistakes that lead to a grand reveal?  Possibly, but you have to admit this smooth criminal has flair.  His/her actions will become more drastic and dangerous at this point.  I don’t know why this didn’t occur to me before, but I recently realized that none of the Benefactor’s money is going into paying hit men.  It’s merely a re-circulation of the Hale fortune.  All this time, I pictured some rich dude twiddling thumbs and rolling in piles of cash, but the Benefactor actually has no skin in the game.  This is both ironic and hilarious.  The Benefactor could be anyone.

StilesStiles has been weaponized in a fantastically honest way, and maybe it’s because he’s the human of the lot.  He is the only one to blatantly express his contempt for Peter Hale.  And why the hell shouldn’t he?  Peter has proved time and time again that he only works with the pack for his own benefit.  He retracts his claws when it suits his needs.  If we’re going to stick with the theme for this episode, Peter is a dormant virus.  He’ll wait until the time is right and eat up the pack entirely.  Why should he be rewarded with money for being a bad person?  It belongs to him by right, but it does seem terribly unfair.  Why should he have claim to a long lost daughter?  He’d only be a poison for Malia.  If you don’t understand Stiles’ change in nature by now, then you should probably watch “Weaponized” again.  His bitterness is beyond understandable.  It’s nearly law.  Peter a brilliant character, but man, is he the worst.  I have been waiting for someone to speak up about the glorious parasite that is Peter Hale, and Stiles Stilinski was the perfect guy for the job.  Stiles continues to call people out on their crap, even when it’s freakin’ huge crap.  If anyone gets a trophy for this installment of Teen Wolf, it’s Dylan O’Brien for another truthful performance.

Stiles and MaliaGetting Malia angry is like setting off fireworks in a small room.  She will leave carnage in her wake.  And when she’s walking in the direction of the eldest Hale, I don’t want to imagine what will happen next.  Malia is a ticking time bomb and she’s going to explode in either Peter’s or Stiles’ face.  For the sake of a certain budding relationship, I hope she wrecks Peter.  If Stiles had told her from the beginning, I don’t think she’d be leaving him now, but he waited far too long and their permanent breakup is a very real possibility.  That would break my heart, especially after the more emotional scenes in “Weaponized.”  Obviously, they put in those moments to make her departure from him sting more, but they were some of the sweetest exchanges I’ve ever seen on Teen Wolf.  Seeing Stiles in love has been the best creative choice for his character.  If I had any doubts about their relationship before, they’re distant memories now.

Next week’s episode looks insane.  If Teen Wolf barfed up all of its bells and whistles, that’s what “Time of Death” would be.  It’s either going to be incredibly awesome or a complete sensory overload.  I have high hopes.  The most anticipated moment for me is probably the daddy/daughter confrontation.  Poor Malia.  REUNITED AND IT FEELS SO awful.  Until next time!